Facade cladding Vitracore G2 passes - or satisfies – both tests stipulated by section C of Volume 1 NCC2019A1: AS 1530.1;& AS 1530.3.

Common Myths Debunked

Myth #1 | Fairview, Australia

Myth #1

Vitracore G2 is a highly flammable product.

Vitracore G2 was the first bonded aluminium panel to be awarded the status ‘deemed non-combustible’ under the Building Code of Australia (BCA) under Clause C1.9e(vi) and is tested to AS1530.1 and AS1530.3.

To provide further peace of mind and demonstrate full scale performance Vitracore G2 has also been large scale tested to the requirements of AS5113 and BS8414, and did not propagate flame.

Myth #2 | Fairview, Australia

Myth #2

Vitracore G2 is easily damaged by hail.

There are a limited number of Vitracore G2 projects which have faced hail damage; they also saw significant hail damage to other materials considered to be acceptable such as steel roofing. In these cases, only the panels installed horizontally were ever damaged.

Vitracore G2 passed the FM 4473 Test, which proves the products ability to perform under impact, in such cases as hail storms.

Myth #3 | Fairview, Australia

Myth #3

Vitracore G2 is a cheap Chinese product.

Fairview has earned its reputation as a supplier of quality products. A dedication to the total fulfilment of our client’s and customer’s expectations is reflected by a complete quality control system, beginning at the point of specification and continuing through to delivery of the guaranteed products.

Myth #4 | Fairview, Australia

Myth #4

Vitracore G2 fails at weatherproofing.

Fairview cladding products are Australian Standards AS4284 tested for high performance; energy efficiency and minimal maintenance.

Vitracore G2 has been tested on two substrates to AS 4284 with great results. This is also addressed in our Codemark Certificate.

Myth #5 | Fairview, Australia

Myth #5

Vitracore G2 sales are rapidly decreasing.

Fairview has sold more than one million square metres of Vitracore G2.

Vitracore G2 is the proven choice for use where deemed non-combustible cladding must be specified such as hospitals, schools and high-rise buildings.

Myth #6 | Fairview, Australia

Myth #6

Fairview refuses to provide the requested test reports to builders, installers and architects.

Fariview has invested over $800,000 into diverse and stringent testing of Vitracore G2 – we’re serious about this product and we are 100% confident in the product’s credibility.

All product assessments stipulating compliance for deemed non-combustible products are publicly available for review.

Myth #7 | Fairview, Australia

Myth #7

The Victorian Building Authority has prohibited use of Vitracore G2.

The Victorian Building Authority’s current view in relation to Clause C1.9(e)(vii) of the BCA, is that an adhesive layer incorporated in bonded laminate materials, is not required to be tested under Australian Standard AS 1530.1-1994: ‘Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures’, provided that each adhesive layer does not exceed 1 mm in thickness and the total thickness of the adhesive layers does not exceed 2 mm.

Myth #8 | Fairview, Australia

Myth #8

Vitracore G2 is banned in Queensland.

Contrary to misinformation being circulated in the market, Vitracore G2 is permitted in each state and territory in Australia.

The Australian government sets and enforces building codes on all the materials and processes used in construction, in order to safeguard and secure our entire community. Trusted products – like Vitracore G2 – are aware of these codes, comply with their requirements and are tested to adhere to the codes applying at any time.

Myth #9 | Fairview, Australia

Myth #9

Vitracore G2 is not being used globally.

Marketing and sales of Vitracore G2 is in fact widespread across the globe, especially in the United Kingdom and America.

Vitracore G2 has successfully satisfied the requirements of BS8414 and BRE 135, which are the globally recognised standards for full-scale, cladding facade tests.

Myth #10 | Fairview, Australia

Myth #10

Vitracore G2 has only passed the technical basis only test in order to be marketed as ‘non-combustible’.

No pre-finishes or coated product on the market has met the AS 1530.1 criteria as a complete product – the AS 1530.1 doesn’t allow for testing of the finished product; rather each individual component needs to be tested per the standard.

Whilst Vitracore G2 is Deemed To Satisfy, it has also proven its large scale performance by avoiding spread of fire on two building fires which occurred in Australia.

Myth #11 | Fairview, Australia

Myth #11

The Vitracore G2 cladding on many high rise buildings in Melbourne is having to be replaced due to non-compliance.

Vitracore G2 has not been removed from any buildings in Melbourne.

Vitracore G2 aluminium cladding has undergone the most demanding and stringent levels of testing stipulated, and it remains among the safest and most certified, complaint cladding products you can choose.

Myth #12 | Fairview, Australia

Myth #12

Vitracore G2 has a chimney effect.

Vitracore G2 has never been involved in the ignition, fuelling or spreading of any facade fire incident anywhere. That’s because it’s not-combustible-material-core has zero polyethylene or other significant fuel load – it only has profiled aluminium layers and adhesive, comparable in thickness to most surface coatings – large scale testing has proven this point.

Myth #13 | Fairview, Australia

Myth #13

Vitracore G2 only achieved AS1530.1 Standard because it allows up to 2.0mm of flammable adhesive.

The national testing criteria for compliant cladding allows for 2.0mm of adhesive (glue-like) content. Vitracore G2 comprises <0.2mm of adhesive which is considerably lower than the allowable 2.0mm.

Myth #14 | Fairview, Australia

Myth #14

The Bonded Laminates Clause is being removed from the National Construction Code.

The Australian Building Codes Board has reviewed the bonded laminates clause in detail, in the first instance asking industry for reasons it should be removed and the second, asking industry for reasons it should remain. Even after this, with no factual evidence presented as to products under this clause being cause for concern, it would be incredibly unlikely this will be reviewed again.
Regardless, Vitracore G2 can demonstrably meet the performance requirements of the building code for compliance.

Still Have Questions?

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