Wall Systems & CV3 Verification Method

Fairview is proud to deliver CPD Presentations as part of the AIA Refuel CPD Provider Program.
Every CPD Presentation is delivered in accordance with the respective state/territory Architecture Board requirements and are delivered by an AIA Refuel approved presenter.
Presentations are 60 minutes in length and all attendees are provided with a certificate upon completion; confirming they have attended the session along with the number of CPD points awarded.

This session covers the different path to compliance with an in-depth discussion on the characteristics of a full wall build-up.
The session delivers the following learning outcomes:
• Analyse the CV3 performance solution for external walls
• Apply knowledge to BCA
• Identify required performance and compliance in system or full wall build-up
• Analyse the AS5113 test requirements
• Define related characteristics of a full wall build-up
• Identify and understand the components of panel testing

This presentation is equivalent to 1 hours/points of formal CPD and will deliver outcomes related to the following Competency/s from the National Standard of Competency for Architects:
Design: Schematic Design
4.6 Investigation and integration of appropriate material selection for the project design.