Fairview has spent a large part of 2016 developing solutions that help architects and specifiers easily find the right cladding solution for their project and the desired finish. As part of that process the well-known cladding manufacturers launched two colour charts in September to showcase their full range of Solid and Metallic colour finishes. Today, the company launches three new charts to complete the set: ‘Woodcreate’, ‘Sparkling & Chromatic’ and ‘Metal’.

The Fairview colour charts have been highly praised by customers as they provide an almost true likeness of a particular finish. Customers can also see at a glance whether the colour has ‘No MOQs’or has ‘MOQs’ from the user-friendly guide provided in each chart.  This feature has been particularly helpful to specifiers when selecting their preferred finish for a project.

The new charts include some of Fairview’s most popular finishes of 2016 such as ‘Brushed Copper’, ‘Sparkling Dark Grey’ and ‘American Pine’ all of which are available on the Company’s most popular cladding products: Vitracore G2, Australia’s no. 1 deemed non-combustible aluminium composite panel; Vitrabond and Vitradual.

The new charts also contain live examples of projects where finishes have been used such as the Carrara Gardens Golf & Tennis Academy that is featured in the Metal colour chart. This stunning development uses a combination of ‘Anodised Mirror’ and ‘Silver Metallic’ to create a light and open space that reflects nature.  The new and existing colour charts can be easily downloaded from Fairview’s website (Metal, Sparkling & Chromatic and Woodcreate) and hard copies are also available on request.

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