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Northpoint Tower Refurbishment


Northpoint Tower, centrally located in North Sydney CBD has been overhauled, with the redevelopment project including a newly-constructed hotel and a complete reclad of the façade using Vitracore G2.

Built in 1975, the fascia of Northpoint Tower was beginning to raise safety concerns for visitors with the pebblecrete showing signs of spalling and degradation of the river gravel façade. The building owners’ plan to reinvigorate the North Sydney retail and leisure offering required the iconic 44 level mixed use building to be transformed inside and out at a project value of $15,000,000.

The pebblecrete that showed signs of corrosion and delamination were removed from the façade, and were replaced with 22,000m2 of Vitracore G2 in Silver Ice Metallic and Asteroid Pearl Metallic. Our leading DtS, deemed non-combustible aluminium cladding panel, tested to AS1530.1 in accordance with the BCA, added safety, durability, longevity and a modern look and feel to the development.

For those who are navigating their way through the issue of recladding due to use of non-compliant or aging façade products, the team at Fairview are dedicated to providing a start-to-finish solution for all recladding projects.

To find out more about using Vitracore G2 for recladding purposes, or to see how we may help with your over clad requirements, visit or contact our team via [email protected] or 1800 007 175.

Encore: Opulent Living in Bondi Junction


Eastern Sydney’s newest addition is the stunning mixed-use development, Encore. The collaboration of Stargate Property Group and award-winning architectural practice, MHN Design Union, offers retail space and sustainable residential apartments on bustling Oxford Street, Bondi Junction. 

The project began with the redevelopment of the existing two storey façade into a three storey podium that aligns with the street. The modern frontage was achieved through the use of Fairview’s natural stone cladding system, Vitrastone, in Pale Sandstone on the first two floors. The podium on level three features Fairview’s deemed to satisfy non-combustible aluminium cladding Vitracore G2, in the popular Brushed Copper finish; with all products expertly installed by the team at JJP Group.  

The development’s eleven storey’s of innovative residential apartments then tower behind, providing occupants with spectacular views from every angle. The chequered pattern design of the construction combines additional use of Vitracore G2, this time in Frost White, Monument Grey and Cool Grey. 

For more information about using Fairview’s products on your next project please contact our team by phoning 1800 007 175, email [email protected] or take advantage of our online forms. 


Taronga Centenary Theatre

Equitone’s Tectiva Chosen To Clad New Theatre In The Heart Of Taronga Zoo

With a combination of unique natural texture, colour and surface, Equitone’s fibre cement cladding sheet Tectiva was an obvious choice for the Tanner Kibble Denton Architects designed Taronga Centenary Theatre.

Given the leafy setting of Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, the colour tones of the theatre’s façade needed to be sympathetic to the surroundings. Equitone’s TE20 through-coloured finished Tectiva with its sanded surface and naturally occurring hues achieved just that.

At a thickness of 8mm, Tectiva offers high durability with an incredible longevity but remains light enough to allow for fast and easy installation. The product’s waterproof shield not only protects but enhances the natural warmth of the rough unpolished fibre cement. Other benefits of Tectiva and Equitone’s other products are their non-combustibility and environmentally-friendliness.


Find out more about Tectiva or any other Equitone product by contacting our team on 1800 007 175 or by email [email protected].

Sydney’s Great South West’s new premier destination


Sydney’s Great South West is now boasting a new premier destination, The Paper Mill. The former heritage site and one of Liverpool’s last remaining 20th century industrial buildings, has been transformed by MN Builder’s into a premier destination that includes four residential precincts. Architecturally designed by Woods Bagot, the much-sought after address provides residents with the ultimate in luxury living.

Fairview’s deemed-to-satisfy, non-combustible, aluminium panels, Vitracore G2, were chosen to add the ultimate finishing touch to The Paper Mill’s elegant exterior in a combination of Zinc Light and Zinc Dark. These imitation metal finishes have become increasingly popular amongst architects and specifiers in recent month’s due to them offering the appearance of zinc but without the natural weathering.

As well as imitation Zinc finishes, Fairview has also produced a selection of natural metal finishes. Both the natural and imitation ranges are distinctive enough to provide a generous colour palette to compliment any project and can also be easily mixed and matched to produce a unique design as shown on The Paper Mill.

Evelyn Ringwood Apartments


Set on the bustling Maroondah Highway in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburb of Ringwood is the notable Evelyn Ringwood Apartments. The boutique mid-rise development is clad in vertical panels of Stryüm Shadow, providing a modern and sustainable exterior to the mixed-use development.

Consisting of 45 apartments over 6 floors, including 1 level of commercial space, Idle Architecture Studio in conjunction with B Central Constructions have produced a unique gridded façade where the stylish yet simple design of Stryüm Shadow compliments the distinct aluminium window frames and vertical landscape elements. The design also deflects heat and moisture due to the ventilated rainscreen.

The Australian-made, non-combustible aluminium panels were a well-considered design choice that additionally provide a high durability and are easy to maintain. Stryüm was specifically designed by experienced commercial façade professionals to meet the demands of Australia’s construction industry.

To speak with our team about using Stryüm on your next project phone 1800 007 175 or email [email protected] .


Nest at the Hill: Doncaster’s Stylish New Addition



The flawlessly finished and highly sophisticated Nest at the Hill development is perched neatly on top of Doncaster Hill. Developed by K2LD Architects in conjunction with Crema Constructions, the strong structural presence is highlighted by the use of 1000m2 of our terracotta tile system, Vitracade in “Salmon”, which flows from top-to-bottom creating a warm trail of natural clay tiles against the shimmering glass façade. 

With sweeping views of Melbourne CDB and the Dandenong Ranges, the mid-rise building consists of 12 floors and over 250 living spaces. The strength of the Vitracade tiles, as well as the simple fixing system, made this an optimal choice for the elegant design, while also providing warmth and a barrier against outside noise. 

Combined with 300m2 of our Vitracore G2 these two façade solutions add a nice finishing touch to the exterior providing natural glamour that will last for decades to come.  Installed by Collmill, Vitracade is manufactured from natural clay and then fired in a kiln at over 1000oC, resulting in an entirely non-combustible tile that is tested and proven to AS1530.1. Similarly, Vitracore is our leading deemed to satisfy non-combustible cladding panel, tested to AS1530.1. 

For more information about using Vitracade please contact our team by phoning 1800 007 175 or email [email protected] . 


The Sustainably Designed Calibre Eastern Creek Building 3



Located at the industrial gateway to Western Sydney is Calibre Eastern Creek Building 3; a high quality and sustainable warehouse and office space developed by Mirvac. Built by the team at Vaughan, the development features our non-combustible Vitradual solid aluminium panels that provide an attractive finish to the buildings façade.

The attractive exterior design includes a combination of Vitradual in ‘Chromatic Jungle Green’ (550m2) and ‘Satin Black Metallic’ (440m2), installed by Complete Façade Solutions. The prefinished 3mm non-combustible aluminium cassette panels also provide the development with a durable cladding system that is highly impact resistant, ideal for the hustle and bustle of the warehouse environment.

Designed by SBA Architects, the building is part of 5 structures, all of which have been conceptualised with an eco-friendly sustainable design that targets a 5-star green star rating.

Find out more about Vitradual by contacting our team on 1800 007 175 or by email [email protected]




A firm favourite in our extensive range of cladding products is the natural stone cladding system, Vitrastone. This lightweight interior or exterior cladding solution provides all of the beauty of natural stone as well as benefiting from increased stability and flexibility and reducing the weight by 1/5 compared to solid dimensional stone.

The composition of Vitrastone makes this product strong and less prone to fracturing – a 6mm stone veneer on a 15mm aluminium honeycomb substrate with aviation grade epoxies. These were just some of the reason that the developers of the iconic and aptly named Kings Domain apartments in South Melbourne chose Vitrastone in Silver Travertine to clad the impressive façade of the 23-level development. The fixing system also provided a simple installation process.

The Silver Travertine was quarried directly from Italy and the beauty of Kings Domains comes largely from the fact that no two panels are identical that adds to the modern and textural allure of the design.

With a large range of natural finishes available including granite, marble and sandstone as well as the option to source specific stone on request, Vitrastone’s highly weatherproof panels are an excellent choice for internal or external applications.

To speak with one of our team about using Vitrastone on your next project please email  [email protected] or phone 1800 007 175.

Introducing the Iconic Kubix Apartments Featuring Vitracore G2



Apologies, the original Project News and the Newsletter dated 28 May 2018 featured the incorrect architectural firm. Credit for the design of Kubix Aparetments belongs to Fender Katsalidis.


The luxury development, Kubix Apartments in Wantirna South, Victoria, features an impressive 16,500m2 of Fairview’s leading deemed-to-satisfy non-combustible, aluminium composite panels, Vitracore G2 over the geometric façade – the perfect combination of Pure White and bright pops of colour to feature on this project!

Distinctly set on the corner of Burwood Highway and Stud Road, the three buildings, containing 238 apartments, make up this inspirational development from CBG Architects that includes 9000m2 of Vitracore G2 over Stage 1 and a further 7500m2 over Stages 2 and 3. While the predominant colour used was Vitracore G2 Pure White, the façade is also sprinkled with Charcoal, Strong Sage, Rubis Red, Power Red, Bay Blue, Greystanes and Ocean Blue.

Remarkably, the team at Eire Group received seven semi-trailers carrying 27 prefabricated wall modules (each module approximately 14m x 3.5m) all clad in Vitracore G2 with the glazed window suites, balustrades and panel corking all complete prior to erection on site and installed on the same day!

Weatherproofed to BCA clause FP1.4, Vitracore G2 was the top choice for the development given its resistance to external conditions as well as being one of the most resilient and versatile cladding solutions available on the Australian market.

For more information about using Vitracore G2 please contact our team by phoning 02 6352 2355 or email [email protected] .




The sustainably designed Habitat, in Byron Bay NSW, offers a new way to live and work in the purpose-built 12.5 acre mixed-use village designed by architect Dominic Finlay Jones. Equitone’s Tectiva through-coloured fibre cement panels distributed by Fairview, fittingly feature over the exterior façade of the eco-friendly development.

A collaborative hub which centres around six commercial buildings along with a residential component, Habitat was designed to passively control thermal loads and maximise cross ventilation while also including numerous active environmental systems. Equitone Tectiva’s proven rain-screen system aids in this process by deflecting rain and heat, and the ventilation space allows air to circulate behind the panels, creating comfort while eliminating condensation and mould growth.

The through-coloured façade panels expose the natural hue and raw texture that is unique to each panel. This organic detail compliments the green development while providing a non-combustible solution as well as a longevity that exceeds 50 years thus reducing the need for replacement and waste.

To speak with one of our team about using Equitone Tectiva or any of our other compressed fibre cement products on your next project please email  [email protected] or phone 02 6352 2355.

Wollongong’s Beachside Platinum Apartments exude luxury with Stryum sunshades




The main street of Sydney’s south coast beach suburb of Wollongong now boasts the Platinum Apartments which comprise of four premium units and a luxury penthouse. The warm toned cladding, installed by ABS Façade, features our intelligent non-combustible aluminium cladding system Stryüm on the developments sunshades. 

Stryüm’s panels cascade over one another in the chosen ‘Step’ profile with an Anodised finish which adds a sharp, dynamic edge to the multi residential apartment block set over a 678sqm site. The use of Stryüm’s raw material-based product offers a fully sustainable option that is 100% Australian made and owned.  

Stryüm products have been specifically designed by experienced commercial façade professionals to meet the demands of every sector of today’s local and international façade industry. 

The Vitracore G2 White Ribbons Of Collingwood’s Lantern Apartments




Located in the thriving green spaces of Melbourne’s inner-city suburb of Collingwood, the Lantern Apartments feature our deemed-to-satisfy non-combustible Vitracore G2 over the striking black-and-white facade of the 9-storey residential project.

Designed by Plus Architects, the bespoke development’s prominent veil of cascading white ribbons are clad in our Vitracore G2 aluminium composite panels in Snow White, which were installed by the team at Collmill Group. Ideally positioned on the corner of Wellington and Napoleon Streets in central Melbourne, the apartments overlook a myriad of sights and the arching sculptural forms are enjoyed from both inside and outside, where the uniquely clad curves provide both light and shade, and the reflective, polished textures meet sharp, geometric angles.

Vitracore G2 proved an optimal choice for this design feat with the surface flatness of the panels enhanced with a high quality PVDF coating system which provides the ultimate resistance to weather and industrial pollutants.

For more information about using Vitracore G2 please contact our team by phoning 02 6352 2355 or email [email protected] .

Equitone transforms 5-star luxury hotel in Sydney



The 5-star Hyatt Regency Sydney on the fringe of Darling Harbour (formerly Four Points by Sheraton) has recently undergone a major redevelopment including a full refurbishment of the hotel and construction of a new convention space as well as a 25 level tower.

Adding to the transformation of the hotel is Equitone’s Tectiva which adorns the buildings highly recognisable curved façade. The popular through-coloured fibre cement cladding was installed by Stane Industries and in addition to its aesthetic qualities the product provides waterproofing, is deemed non-combustible and has a longevity exceeding 50 years.

For more information on this product, please view our Hyatt Regency Project News.

Custom Vitracore G2 For Southports New Jaguar Land Rover Showroom



The Queensland beachside suburb of Southport recently became home to one of the state’s newest luxury car dealerships, Jaguar Land Rover, which features 950m2 of Fairview’s Vitracore G2. The $9 million project was officially launched with a glitzy, star studded event throughout the 3-storey showroom.

Architect Burling Brown designed the high-end project, constructed by builder Stokes Wheeler. Damien Popovic of Cladding Creations installed Vitracore G2 panels on the façade in custom Jaguar Land Rover corporate colours Sunshine Grey Metallic and Champagne Metallic. The monumental corner block structure offers an enviable luxury car showroom floor, customer lounge as well as a vehicle workshop and on-site parking.

Project Manager Jai Johnson was completely satisfied with the Vitracore G2, stating ‘The project required customised lengths, up to 5900mm, which proved to be completely within Vitracore G2’s capabilities. In contrast to previous projects using standard composite materials, no oil canning or bending is visible on the cladding panels – a testament to their rigidity and strength. Another bonus for Stokes Wheeler is that Vitracore G2 complies with current BCA requirements’.

For more information about using Vitracore G2 please contact our team by phoning 02 6352 2355 or email [email protected].

Connor Apartments | Fairview Architectural Cladding, Australia

Vitrabond’s Copper Façade a Standout on the Unique Connor Apartments



The copper-toned star of Sydney’s Central Park urban development, Connor Apartments, which boasts 10,500m2 of Fairview’s fire retardant Vitrabond, has been awarded winner of the 2017 Urban Development Institute of Australia’s Award for Excellence in High-Density Development in NSW.

Located just 1.5km from Sydney CBD, architect William Smart of Smart Design Studio, designed the 13-storey eye-catching cornerstone of the precinct as a “delicate balance of form, composition and proportion.” Comprising of 178 apartments, complete with 5 Star Green Star credentials, the optically pleasing façade of Connor is adorned in a combination of reflective glass and the sheen of a metal finish on aluminium composite cladding.

Installed by Shev Constructions Pty Ltd, the contemporary project features weather resistant Vitrabond FR panels in “Brushed Copper” (10,000m2) and “Satin Black Metallic” (500m2), which were chosen as a nod to the warm red bricks in the local area whilst also creating an urban contrast of metal against green parklands. For more information, take a look at the Project News.

Vitracore G2 & Vitrabond Shine on Melbourne’s New Entertainment Quarter



Melbourne’s south-east city of Casey recently launched the $125 million state-of-the-art Bunjil Place entertainment precinct, featuring 2200m2 of Fairview’s Vitrabond FR and Vitracore G2 aluminium composite cladding.

One of the largest projects undertaken by local government in Australia, the striking 24,500m2 building, designed by Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp architects is a national first with the innovative design incorporating 10 functional spaces including an 800-seat theatre, a 350-seat versatile function centre plus a community library and art gallery.

The vision for the centre’s expected 1 million visitors per year, was “to create an inviting central heart for the community that celebrates participation, belonging and civic pride.” The Vitrabond FR and Vitracore G2 cladding panels in “Brushed Silver” shimmer over the curved glass façade and winged roof providing visitors with an insta-perfect sight. Further information on the project can be found in our Project News.

As announced last week, Vitracore G2 is currently the only aluminium composite panel available in Australia that is correctly tested as having satisfied the requirements of the following industry standards: AS 1530.1 and AS 1503.3 as well as full scale façade testing; BS8414 and BRE 135  as well as AS5113 (excluding the debris requirements).

Stryüm lights up Perth Stadium

Fairview’s newly launched non-combustible aluminium cladding system; Stryüm, features in a new world record for the largest sports lighting system as showcased on the soon to opened Perth Stadium.

The WESTADIUM designed Perth Stadium includes a state-of-the-art LED lighting system with over 850 interchangeable coloured lights which rivals any world-class European sporting arena. The lights surround the whole stadium and the colours can be changed to form various patterns. The lights are also integrated into the canvas roof of the stadium that can acts as a screen that can then projected onto for example with team colours for individual sporting matches.

The stadium which is scheduled to open for the 2018 AFL season includes over 16,000m2 of Stryüm cladding produced from 200 tonnes of Australian manufactured aluminium. For more information on Stryum or for a quote, contact one of our sales representatives today. Email [email protected] or phone 02 6352 2355. You can also find out more at; Stryum Product Page

Vitracore G2 selected for Australian Defence Force base



Vitracore G2 is well-known for having the same look as traditional aluminium composite panels but with the added benefit of being fully compliant to current BCA guidelines including AS1530.1 (non-combustible). This means architects can have peace of mind in specifying Vitracore G2 without sacrificing their building design and preferred colour scheme. 

However, even though the product has been used on many aged care, education and health projects its use on critical infrastructure and defence developments is lesser known. Vitracore G2 was recently installed on the Australian Defence Force Helicopter Aircrew Training System at HMAS Albatross defence base Nowra, a @Lendlease and @GroupGSA project.

To find out more about our involvement in this $190 million redevelopment please see our Project News. We also have a video of the project installer, Troy Koch at ABS Façades, discussing his experience with using Vitracore G2 and how it compares to traditional ACP.


Lacrosse Docklands returned to former ‘pre-fire’ glory



The Lacrosse apartment building in Melbourne has been the subject of numerous news stories since the docklands fire in 2014 engulfed one of its two towers on 25 November causing over $5 million worth of damage.

The damaged façade panels on the Lacrosse building in Docklands were required to be replaced and, after an extensive screening process, involving numerous parties from the Melbourne City Council, the Victorian Building Authority, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, independent fire engineers, building surveyors, and the strata community management; Vitracore G2 was selected as the preferred compliant cladding product.

The replacement of the damaged façade panels was recently completed and the 20 storey apartment tower has now been returned to its former glory. For more information on our involvement in replacing the damaged panels at Lacrosse Docklands with Vitracore G2, we’ve put together a Project News which also features some photos of the newly completed building.

For more information on Vitracore G2, you may like to view our short introductory video:



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