Seeking a partner who sees my beauty from every angle.
Whose Interests include design and style.
Reliable and Trustworthy a must.
Meets all my needs and brings out the best in me.
Do you fit the bill?


Trustworthy and easy to connect with.
Australian, looking for a long lasting relationship.
With me, you will feel satisfied and confident.
Let me bring colour into your life.
You deserve it.

Stryüm - Step | Fairview Cladding, Australia
Per Se - Stryüm Shadow Cladding | Fairview, Australia

I love you from right here,
I love you from afar.
I love you for you,
I love you and who you are.
From day one till kingdom come,
forever and a day.
Step design you have my heart,
it’s where you’re set to stay.

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Stryüm - Seam | Fairview Cladding, Australia
Wollongong - Stryüm Seam Cladding | Fairview, Australia

I love the way you love me,
and the way you hold my hand.
When it comes to Seam, I completely
Bold and unrestrained, my Seam is forever.
I’ll never be alone again, not now, not ever.

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Stryüm - Shadow | Fairview Cladding, Australia
Canberra - Stryüm Step Cladding | Fairview, Australia

You fill my heart with joy,
I love you yes it’s true.
Oh shadow how much I love you,
If you only knew.
You make simple special,
your clean shadow cuts so true.
If you’d only say you love me back,
I’d forever be with you.

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