Did you know? 85% of multi-owned buildings built since 2000 had defects. 40% of these were a result of poor waterproofing practices.

Waterproofing equates for just 1% of a building’s costs, yet water defects and the resulting damage can account for 80% of all building defects. The total cost of building defects in Australia was $6.2 billion over the last 10 years and approximately $1.4 billion of that was due to water damage.

These statistics paint a bleak picture – however uncover that considering weatherproofing is critical to future proof your design and build, avoid defects and subsequent loss of time and money. Furthermore, Professional Indemnity insurance does not cover non-compliant cladding – this includes improper waterproofing.

Weatherproofing | Fairview, Australia
Weatherproofing | Fairview, Australia


Fairview cladding products are Australian Standards AS4284 tested for high performance; energy efficiency and minimal maintenance.

When considering compliant cladding options, common experience is that the existence of an AS4284 test report is considered sufficient. This is not the case. It is important to review the test report and make sure the detailing and pressures are relevant for the project. Each building will have a Serviceable windload pressure and an Ultimate windload pressure, which must be known in order to ascertain whether a particular product can be used on a specific building.

Fairview supply AS4284 tested cladding products demonstrating proven performance; energy efficiency and minimal maintenance – products that are built for the future. Our test results demonstrate industry leading performance and test results are readily available for analysis of both serviceable and ultimate windload pressures.

Fairview. The pinnacle of industry compliance and resilience.

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