Our People

At Fairview, we are passionate about the culture we have built and feel strongly that skills can be learnt but what is critical to the ongoing success and growth of the business is finding the ‘right’ mix of people who work cohesively together and lift each other up. 

Our people are passionate about finding solutions, they look out for one another, believe strongly in building relationships and work collaboratively toward common goals. 

Andrew Gillies
Managing Director
Greg Stewart
Special Business Projects
Ashley How
Head of Innovations
Kristy Welsh
Head of Marketing
David Phillips
Sales Director
Marika Kelly
Head of People & Culture
Joel Gillies
Head of Business Development & Alliances
Roy Gillies
Head of Operations
James Buchanan
Head of Finance
Matthew Kelly
Special Business Projects
Lily Pottinger
Procurement Officer
Dave Barry
Category Manager
John Wallace
VIC/SA/TAS State Sales Manager
Ben Massey
Façade Consultant - VIC
Gary Norris
National Facade Manager - Rectification & Recycling
Christian Bustelo
Warehouse Manager
Steve Dowler
Ecoloop Facilities Manager
Stephanie Shead
Key Account Manager - VIC
Claire Jeffree
Account Manager - NSW
Wesley McNaughton
Business Development Manager - QLD
Matthew Harris
Façade Consultant - VIC & TAS
Ronald Harris
Façade Consultant - Remedial
Arne Harris
Façade Consultant - Remedial
David Humber
Façade Consultant - NSW
Brock Barry
Façade Consultant - NSW
Jackson McNaughton
Façade Consultant - ACT
Brodie Dunn
Project Sales - QLD/NT/ACT
Ryley Gilles
Innovations Assistant
Laura Cole
Brand Executive
Melissa Herrmann
Industry Engagement Manager
Michelle Allan
Office Manager
Michelle Allen
Office Manager
Heidi Inwood
Executive Assistant - People & Culture
Rachel Fullgrabe
Warehouse Operations Trainee
Matthew Clarke
Inventory Coordinator
Dane Charlton
Brayden McPaul