Cladding Panels

Our versatile range of façade cladding products is designed to suit any scale or specification, whether it is a new build or rectification project. We pride ourselves in delivering a broad range of quality and compliant cladding solutions including terracotta wall panels, ceramic panels, compressed fiber cement, solid aluminium cladding, graphic panels, composite metal cladding, non-combustible aluminium cladding and clay cladding.

We understand that quality, compliance and performance are key. As such, all Fairview architectural solutions are stringently manufactured and tested to be corrosion-resistant, fire-resistant, high impact-resistant, breathable, textural and inspirational; we can deliver any exterior wall cladding you require. Importantly, our cladding panels are built to the highest Australian standards.

We’re pleased to also offer a range of natural sustainable façade products as part of our commitment to Australia’s sustainable future. All Fairview façade systems are designed to be striking, performance-driven and enduring.

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