Custom Facades

As an Australian owned and operated company with over 30 years' experience in the industry, one of the largest stockholdings in Australia, an extensive product suite and the ability to match or create almost any colour or finish, partner with Fairview to bring your corporate branding to life.


Our Corporate Projects

Colour Matching & Creation

The design flexibility of our lightweight engineered aluminium panel, Vitracore G2, and solid aluminium cassette system, Vitradual, make them the ideal options for your company's façade. Providing a high performing façade with superior weatherproofing and durability, plus an almost unlimited range of colours and finishes, including the option of customisable graphic panels and colour matching, Fairview has got you covered.

Do you want to achieve a special brand colour, pattern or finish? We have the flexibility to create new colours and finishes to enhance your corporate stance. For example, we created the 'Southbank Gold' finish on our Vitracore G2 panels for Australia 108 in Melbourne, VIC, to achieve the desired starburst effect.

Give your corporate façade a biophilic design with our prefinished compressed fibre cement cladding product, Genesis. Genesis comes in seven distinct profiles, two of which custom colours are available upon request.

To discuss your project in more detail or to request a quote, please get in touch.


Recycling & Sustainability

To help solve the environmental impacts of rectification works, Fairview developed the Ecoloop ACP Recycling process that promises to divert 100% of non-compliant cladding waste from landfill and repurpose the resources recovered.

The process is easy! Our trucks drop off the replacement panels and pick up the defective panels to take back to the Ecoloop facility in Lithgow, NSW, for processing.


With a strong focus on sustainability, at Fairview, we offer a range of sustainable cladding solutions that not only contribute to environmentally-friendly construction practices but also help minimise construction waste, enhance thermal efficiency, and reduce the overall energy consumption of buildings. Our cladding systems are installed as a rainscreen system, providing superior waterproofing, long term durability and thermal efficiency.


Benefits of Partnering with Fairview

  • Australian owned and operated company.
  • Well-established company and a prominent player in the industry with over 30 years' experience.
  • Large product suite featuring aluminium, terracotta, compressed fibre cement and brick cladding systems.
  • One of the largest stock holdings in Australia with product on the shelf ready to be delivered to site.
  • Offices across Australia and a dedicated team ready to provide their support and expertise.
  • Sustainability focus from our rainscreen cladding systems to our Ecoloop ACP Recycling facility.


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