At Fairview, we are passionate about the culture we have built and feel strongly that skills can be learnt but what is critical to the ongoing success and growth of the business is finding the ‘right’ mix of people who work cohesively together and lift each other up. Our people are passionate about finding solutions, they look out for one another, believe strongly in building relationships and work collaboratively toward common goals. We believe in staff development, creating pathways for progression and are committed to empowerment and autonomy for our people. If you have the drive and determination to blaze new trails through innovation, understand the need for collaboration, are action-oriented and are not afraid to make courageous decisions, with customer satisfaction being at the core of everything you do, then Fairview can take you places. If you’d like to be part of the Fairview team, email a copy of your resume and a covering letter to

Our Values


We Believe /

That our world is becoming more complex, making it increasingly difficult to succeed on your own.

Therefore We Exist To /

Unlock the power of collaboration helping those who touch us thrive.

That Is Why We /

  • Build personal relationships in a digital world.
  • Strive for simplicity in everything we do.
  • Are humble and hungry to learn.
  • Display courage in communicating our ideas and views.
  • Collaborate with others for a better outcome.
  • Are action oriented, accountable and deliver what we promise.