In the lifetime of any building, cladding rectification may be required to repair damaged panels, modernise the appearance of an older building, improve energy efficiency or to replace non-compliant panels.

Paths to Compliance

Because cladding compliance is more of a façade system issue than a product ‘varietal’ problem, there are multiple paths to securing compliance. This is especially true given recent additions and qualifications to the BCA. For easy reference, there are three routes that provide compliance for external walls (EW):

  • Verification Method CV3; using a full-scale façade test to the peak Australian standard AS5113
  • Deemed to Satisfy; Deemed Non-Combustible, via a combination of rigorous small-scale, laboratory-based performance testing
  • Performance Assessment; façade-specific evaluation by a fire engineer based on full scale tests

Recladding Product Range

At the heart of Fairview’s cladding rectification product solution is our deemed non-combustible engineered aluminium product, Vitracore G2, and the non-combustible premium solid aluminium cassette cladding system, Vitradual. These products form part of our complete range of compliant products available to the construction industry for cladding rectification works across all buildings applications.

Fairview offers five different compliant product solutions for almost every façade rectification need.

How can we help?

Fairview is trusted for absolute compliance across our extensive product range. When it comes to advice and products for your cladding rectification project our team of dedicated professionals are at the forefront of providing up-to-date advice and expertise.

  • Expert Advice
    Our specialist Rectification Team provide complimentary consultancy advice on the most cost-effective cladding solutions that deliver a compliant and safe building.
  • Regulations Compliant
    Fairview are trusted for absolute compliance across our extensive product range.
  • In Stock
    Fairview has one of the largest stockholds in Australia.



“Fairview has always been easy to deal with & reliable with supply of materials”. David, GLCC

“The product is first class architectural cladding material”. John Lindsay-Field, Teds Roofing

“We have been dealing with Fairview for many years. We find them to be very professional, accommodating, always willing to go above and beyond to help get material either sent to us or ready for collection. They’re also very quick to respond to any queries we may have”. John, GCP Fab


The team at Fairview are ready to assist you at any stage of your recladding project with a second-to-none QA process, technical advice, compliant and safe products, and readily available stock.