Vitradual Sets the New Standard in Cladding Compliance

When it comes to rectification, Vitradual is one of the only products available that can meet your sustainability, durability, and compliance goals. 

From a design perspective, the facade and cladding system are one of the most important aspects of a building. Façades are required to manage condensation, protect the building from inclement weather, resist the spread of fire and has a significant impact on energy efficiency. However, despite its critical role, façade and cladding design, specification and installation has been the subject of a variety of compliance issues in Australia. 

With increasing focus on building resilience, builders, engineers and architects are now more than ever expected to deliver a building that is not only visually appealing and meets the design intent, but more importantly, is compliant, more durable, performs as it should and is better able to resist environmental conditions. 


Waterproofing equates for just 1% of a building’s costs, yet water defects and the resulting damage can account for 80% of all building defects. The total cost of building defects in Australia was $6.2 billion over the last 10 years and approximately $1.4 billion of that was due to water damage. 


Tested AS4284 Compliant 

Vitradual is Australian Standards AS4284 tested for high performance, energy efficiency and minimal maintenance. 

When considering compliant cladding options, common experience is that the existence of an AS4284 test report is considered sufficient. This is not the case. It is important to review the test report and make sure the detailing and pressures are relevant for the project. Each building will have a Serviceable wind load pressure and an Ultimate wind load pressure, which must be known in order to ascertain whether a particular product can be used on a specific building. 

Fairview supply AS4284 tested cladding products demonstrating proven performance; energy efficiency and minimal maintenance – products that are built for the future. Our test results demonstrate industry leading performance and test results are readily available for analysis of both serviceable and ultimate wind load pressures. 


Deemed non-combustible to AS1530.1 and AS1530.3 

For today’s architects and specifiers, it is the technical details as well as the appearance that count; such as sustainability, thermal insulation and fire protection. 

Comprised of 100% recyclable 3mm solid aluminium, Vitradual is one of the few large-format cladding panels that are deemed non-combustible when tested to AS1530.1 and AS1530.3. 


Fully NCC Compliant System  

The NCC referenced standard for actions on buildings AS/NZ 1170 series provides direction for determining the appropriate loads on building components. Typically, a 50-year design life is the basis for structural design. 

The design capacity of Vitradual and its supports and fixings, must be determined in accordance with this design life using verification method BV1. 

The Vitradual cladding system is fully NCC compliant and is backed by a minimum 15-year manufacturer direct warranty, giving you ultimate peace of mind for your next project.   


A Coating Process That's Best for Consistency, a Quality Finish and Top Performance 

With innovation at the core of everything we do, Fairview continually looks for means to improve our product range and bring to the market new and unique features. The latest is a natural copper faced Vitradual panel. Using innovative technology as part of the manufacturing process, a thin layer of natural copper is fused to an aluminium layer without the use of adhesive – achieving a 3mm sheet as per our traditional Vitradual product.  

Rather than a painted surface, Fairview can provide a natural copper finish that is cost effective, flat, and rigid without having to use copious quantities of copper (2.7mm aluminium and 0.3 mm copper). 

The Vitradual range also offers the following finishes: 
• Repel - A self-cleaning surface coating 
• Static dissipative (exceptionally low outgassing) Surface Coating - Designed for IT industries 
• Anti-bacteria coating - to meet food handling and storage requirements 
• VitraART - for personalised design and imagery 


As part of Fairview’s commitment to quality assurance and control, Vitradual’s coil-coating (roll-to-roll) continuous method, using only PVDF Kynar 500®or FEVE paints, continues to be well proven for superior quality, ongoing performance and colour integrity. 

Fairview are trusted for absolute compliance across their extensive product range, with a product for every façade rectification need.  

Stop sacrificing quality and compliance, for a cheaper price.  

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