Smartbric Brick Facade System

Material Brick Ventilated Rainscreen Façade System
Finish Natural brick facings available in a range of local, imported and concrete finishes
Fixing System Innovative universal mounting track or rail system
Warranty 10-year warranty, subject to standard terms and conditions
Application Type A, B and C constructions

Smartbric™ by Fairview is an innovative Ventilated Rainscreen Brick Façade System. Smartbric™ cladding panels ingeniously incorporates the option of a grouted traditional brick facing or a modern Rapid mortar-less brick facing in combination with a unique mounting track or universal rail option.  The result delivers a high-quality, versatile natural looking masonry façade brick cladding solution.

Smartbric™ is sourced from a range of classic wall cladding brick colours from Australian-made bricks and local clay, as well as a range of contemporary colours from imported brick facings.

Brickwork cladding profile types

Choose from two distinct types of brick slip cladding system types – Classic or Rapid.

  • Smartbric™ Classic 25mm brick – delivers a mortared brick look for traditional external brick cladding façade designs. This Classic profile features handy slots and grooves, allowing them to be tilted and lifted into the galvanised metal track or aluminium rail and locked in place before mortar is applied.
  • Smartbric™ Rapid 25mm brick – with an interlocking brick tile profile and a ‘shadow’ groove to create a shadow line mortar effect, Smartbric™ Rapid is a unique extruded clay tile designed for speed and efficiency. Smartbric Rapid allows fast, mortarless installation without the mess and cost of pointing. These cleverly designed brick cladding panel tiles deliver a stunning brick-look façade and can be removed and replaced as needed without unnecessary damage to the rest of the façade.

Unique to Fairview’s brick cladding panel systems, the universal Track and Rail system is designed for seamless, easy installation of brick slip cladding horizontally, vertically or at an angle depending on project requirements. This universal system allows a mix-and-match approach with wet or dry Smartbric™ profiles, with a system geometry that forms an ecosystem. Installing Smartbric™ is a simple, intuitive process easy for any trade-based installer or handyman with an understanding of standard building practice.

The Smartbric™ system is ideal for interior and exterior applications, restoration projects, heritage-style designs and upscale commercial buildings. The brick cladding panels are also available in a wide range of imported contemporary colours heralding more modern brick designs.


Brick-facing cladding system testing & compliance

Adhering to Fairview’s 360 VIEW symbol of quality, Smartbric has been tested and engineer assessed to comply with AS 1170.1, AS 1170.2 for Structural Design, AS 1562.1 for Cladding Installation and AS 4284 Testing of Building Façades. As well as complying with: 

  • NCC Volume One B1D4 and ABCB Housing Provisions 2.2.4 Determination of structural resistance of materials and forms of construction, for actions determined in accordance with NCC Volume One B1D3 and ABCB Housing Provisions 2.2.3.
  • NCC Volume One F3P1 and Volume Two H2P2 Weatherproofing.

For more information about our bricks slips system, download the brochures below or contact our team.


Smartbric Key Benefits

  • Natural and energy efficient

  • NCC compliant

  • Non-combustible

  • Weather resistant

  • Universal fixing system


  • Exceptional durability and strength;

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Suitable for small spaces

  • Architectural appeal with a natural brick finish

  • Low maintenance

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