Clayton Terracotta Facade System

Material Terracotta
Finish Complete range of natural clay colours and specialised finishes for architecturally appealing wall cladding solutions
Fixing System The high strength of the Clayton cladding panels and their concealed fixing system make the terracotta façade system particularly suitable for use on public buildings, e.g., schools, and other high-stress areas
Warranty 15-year warranty, subject to standard terms and conditions
Application Type A, B and C constructions

Clayton Terracotta Façade System combines the charm of terracotta with modern production techniques. The result is a range of high-performing façade products that meet design and building requirements. Manufactured from clay, sculptured into shape and then fired at high temperatures, Clayton comes in a range of terracotta cladding textures and colours to offer warmth and a tactile sensation that is not achievable with other building products.

The mass and density of the terracotta façade cladding combine to create higher thermal insulation, improved noise reduction, and UV and weather resistance that are far superior to other façade products. Clayton external wall cladding panels are a truly low-maintenance building product that is aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly and a sustainable alternative to achieving beautiful biophilic designs.

Clayton terracotta cladding panels are deemed non-combustible under C2D10(5)G) NCC 2022 and are suitable for Type A, B and C constructions, including public buildings and high-traffic areas such as schools.

Clayton terracotta cladding

Clayton Terracotta Cladding Advantages

  • Design life exceeding 50 years. Terracotta cladding system colour is vitrified into the clay during the firing process, meaning it will not fade for the life of the building
  • Available in a wide range of colours, profiles and finishes (customisable profiles and colours may be achievable)
  • Better sustainable and environmental external cladding panels 
  • Architectural appeal with a natural clay cladding finish
  • Exceptional durability and strength; suitable for high-impact areas
  • Scratch and dent-resistant
  • Extreme UV and weather resistance - ideal rainscreen terracotta cladding 
  • Deemed non-combustible under C2D10(5)(G) NCC 2022
  • Durable aluminium/stainless steel subframing, suitable for all applications

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