National Archives of Australia

Canberra, ACT



Products: Stryüm, Argeton

Colours: Various

Builder: Doma Constructions

Installer: Eclipse Building Solutions Pty Ltd

Architect: May & Russell Architects

About the project

Fairview products were used as both exterior cladding and interior lining on the National Archives of Australia’s new preservation and storage facility in Canberra. The building includes enough shelving to stretch approximately 115kms and is expected to house around 10 million Commonwealth records. The 18,000 square-metre facility was clad in Stryum Shadow powder-coated in Silver Riche Matt and Sapphire Anodised colours. With an ambient temperature of 20 degrees and around 50 per cent humidity being required for maintaining paper records, Argeton, terracotta tile was chosen for the interior lining as it provides high durability and strength which makes it a popular choice for use on public buildings.

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