Architectural Cladding Solutions

Specifiers know they can rely on Fairview for innovative, high-quality architectural cladding solutions in Australia, no matter the project scale. For more than 30 years, our highly experienced team has designed, developed and supplied an innovative range of wall facade applications across over 6,000 projects.

Moreover, we have extensive stock of facade panel systems in our Lithgow warehouse to minimise disruption to building schedules and get supply to you.

100% Compliance & Quality Assurance

It is not enough to provide external wall cladding and facade solutions. We constantly stay abreast of evolving Australian standards to ensure our advice is solid regarding product compliance. As part of our 360 VIEW ethos, we adhere to a complete quality control process across the four pillars of our business:

  1. Customers
  2. Creativity
  3. Compliance
  4. Control

What does this mean? It means that rigorous design, testing, regulatory compliance and product warranty are embedded into our professional DNA. No stone is left unturned, whether dealing with aluminium cladding, fibre cement, natural timber, stainless steel, or anything in-between. The facade cladding system you select comes with complete assurance that you’re getting the very best bespoke external cladding solution for your build. Such a meticulous, near-forensic approach has cemented our reputation as a friend of the industry.

Rectification - Recladding Solutions

The need to refresh, repair or replace older buildings’ cladding systems is inevitable. Vitracore G2, our non-combustible engineered aluminium cladding product and Vitradual, our non-combustible premium solid aluminium cassette cladding system, offer five different compliant, advanced cladding solutions for almost every façade rectification need.

Ecoloop ACP Recycling

We understand the particular environmental responsibilities inherent in our industry; it’s why we developed the Ecoloop process, the first ACP recycling facility in Australia. An ecological initiative that recycles 100% of non-compliant cladding waste, Ecoloop avoids any of our rectification projects contributing to landfill. Moreover, it complies with Green Building Council of Australia’s Construction and Demolition Waste Reporting Criteria. We consider the complex challenges of an entire project, not just one element independently.

Weatherproofing - External Cladding Solutions

Here in Australia, we have a challenging relationship with the weather. Increasingly, our buildings’ exterior cladding must endure the harshest of any season. Solar protection and ventilated cladding, waterproofing solutions by way of rainscreen cladding and ventilated facades; these factors must be considered in the design response. Indeed, as the nation endures more flash flooding, waterproof cladding has become particularly important. That said, it’s true peace of mind that all Fairview facade cladding solutions, not just our waterproof external cladding sheets, are Australian Standards AS4284 tested. Compliance mitigates ongoing costs (by way of future defects) and means professional indemnity insurers are more likely to cover the building in the first place.

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