360 View

360 VIEW is the highly unique, quality control process Fairview developed to govern our rigorous approach to design and sourcing, material testing, regulatory compliance and product warranty.

Our Total Quality Control process starts and ends with customer satisfaction: your satisfaction governs how we think, act and deliver from the design shop to the fabrication floor and from customer relations to product sureties.

The ‘360 VIEW’ symbol of quality, is a marker for how we do business. And this ‘quality seal’ embraces the four key areas of our work: Customers | Creativity | Compliance and | Control.

We strive to ensure that 360 VIEW is experienced, not only here internally but, by all our associates and customers. Wherever you hear ‘360’ mentioned by Fairview, you’re assured by our commitment to a set of values and behaviours aimed at making your experience with us, a totally satisfactory one.


360 Customers

We’re good listeners; our livelihoods depend on it. And because we listen, we know all about your expectations:

  • Full product certification – code-mark, fire compliance, verified quality assurance – to be in place.
  • Highest quality cladding panels: Easy-fabricated flat sheets that fold without affecting the paint finish. Durable over 15+ years with no fading, peeling or defects. Panels that don’t ‘oil can’ even through punishing weather extremes. .
  • Assurance there’s full continuity of supply, access to sample sheets for your own machining and fabrication tests and guaranteed continuity of the products’ supply chain.
  • Complete confidence the manufacturer will still be around in 15 years to honour – or fix – any warranty issues presenting.


360 Creativity

  • Through significant investment in research and development, we actually design, manufacture and market the products the market needs.
  • Associates in our supply chain understand the creativity and design imperatives that we build in to all our products – and they fully support our quest to remain Australia’s best.
  • Our in-house technical design team, engineers products and systems for superior performance. Performance that’s backed by research and tested in real life.
  • 360 VIEW helps deliver that stunning and powerful aesthetic that makes your building a modern monument to decorative and functional cladding excellence.


360 Compliance

  • Fairview’s compliance team provides regular updates on State and Federal codes – and their difference and nuances – to support you and your consultants.
  • With the right insight on product suitability, support systems and onsite application and installation, we can help make your constructions 100% compliant.
  • Our approach to compliance covers product & system testing (by leading NATA and other expert faculties) and wholly independent reviews by leading experts.


360 Control

Our confidence and capability to offer total quality control is backed by several factors including:

  • Independently audited manufacturing – our production factories are ISO90001 certified
  • Ongoing batch testing that deliver assurance and surety – production audits maintain quality
  • Reliable on every project – our wares can be installed consistently, time after time
  • Australia-based warranties – local recourse and remedy should product disputes arise.