Vitrafix Sub-framing

As part of the complete service offer, Fairview’s Vitrafix provides a complete range of supporting accessories, including weatherproofing, sub-framing, and fixing options. 

Vitrafix Sub-framing encompasses Fairview's range of flexible S battens, top hats and Z angles to ensure an optimum fixing solution. All of the Vitrafix Sub-framing systems are backed by engineer certified span tables. 

Through continuous product development and improvement, Fairview introduced the first-in-market innovation of perforated top hats and S battens, designed to facilitate better air movement and drainage within the wall cavity, especially when fixed in a horizontal orientation. By improving ventilation, you can reduce heat build-up behind the façade, aide in passive moisture management, limit thermal movement and, in turn, reduce the likelihood for out of plane movement along the panel surface.


The team has worked with external industry body professionals, incorporating the latest NCC changes to deliver longer leg Z angles that allow for the use of tape to enforce the routed cassette joints and strengthen the integrity of the cassette system. Our new, innovative long leg Z angles have been tried and tested by Project Remediate on some of their recent projects.

Combined with Weatherproofing products, like Vitrafix Wall Sarking and Vitrafix Wall Sarking Ultra, the innovative sub-framing products ensure your building structure is weatherproof and well-ventilated to ensure longevity.

Vitrafix Sub-framing Key Benefits

  • Tested and verified by Fairview Technicians and Engineers to conform with Australian standards

  • Project management and time efficiencies through purchasing a full cladding system from one supplier
  • Ensures the cladding system is compliant as per the NCC
  • Australian company with stock ready and available

  • Panels and accessories can be ordered and delivered on the same truck

  • Technical support and guidance

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