Vitradual Solid Aluminium
Cladding Panel System

Material Prefinished solid aluminium panel
Finish Vitradual features the highly recognised PVDF resin-based coating or finish, known for its high durability and optimum resistance to weather and industrial pollution.
Fixing System A cassette style concealed fixing system which is the same to fabricate and install as traditional ACP
Warranty 15-year warranty, subject to standard terms and conditions
Application Type A and B constructions

Vitradual is a 3mm solid aluminium façade cladding system that forms part of Fairview’s range of NCC compliant, deemed non-combustible cladding solutions. It’s suitable for Type A and B constructions and is a high impact resistant, solid panel which can be fabricated, curved and rolled.

The pre-finished large format cladding panels feature the same PVDF coating system as Vitracore G2 and are well recognised for their superior quality and design integrity. Vitradual provides an almost unlimited range of colours and finishes, including the option of customisable graphic panels through the Fairview VitraArt option.

The solid aluminium panels are tough, dependable and reliable, yet beautiful, contemporary and functional in their simplicity. Vitradual is an enduring building material that is infinitely recyclable to be repurposed into endless future possibilities.

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rust patina samplevitradual-solid-aluminium-cladding-fairview-australia

Vitradual Cladding Panel Key Benefits

  • High quality

  • Full machinability

  • Robust durability

  • Unlimited colour range

  • CodeMark Certified to NCC22
  • Coil-coating using PVDF paint for superior finish, colour integrity and performance

  • Quick installation

  • Proven performance - Australia's first solid aluminium panel

  • Environmental Product Declaration produced by Global GreenTag

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