Genesis Fibre Cement
Cladding Panel System

Material Prefinished Fibre Cement Cladding
Fixing System A ventilated façade system consisting of two layers separated by an air cavity which prevents rainwater from penetrating and diffuses water vapour from the inside
Warranty 15 year warranty
Application New Build Community Projects (hospitals, aged care facilities, universities, schools, art galleries, and other government buildings).

Genesis are high-quality, prefinished, through-coloured fibre cement cladding panels manufactured in Europe.

Deemed non-combustible, Genesis is available in large sheet sizes across a range of colours and profiles, and features a unique colour coded rivet system which ensures all fixings are pulled up to the same tension that helps the panel expand and contrast freely as the temperature changes throughout the day.

With the availability of colourful and clean lines, or colourful and textured, the distinctive characteristics of Genesis’ range provide architects with the freedom to achieve endless design possibilities.

Available to the Australian market by Fairview, Genesis offers a deemed non-combustible, robust, and durable panel, offering a life expectancy exceeding 50 years.


Genesis Profiles 


Genesis façade boards are available in a variety of profiles – each with their own distinctive features and characteristics. For instance, Genesis Raw is a through coloured board. Variations in the colour of the board are visible and vary depending on the orientation of the sheet, the viewing angle and the level of light and humidity. Measuring the board colour, small variations in the colour lightness are acceptable.

Genesis Raw has a natural, textured surface. You can see the fibre and natural characteristics of the raw materials, and you can see and feel the unique sanding lines on the surface. Natural imperfections like dots and spots can be visible but from 3-5 meters distance the surface will appear homogenous.

As seasons change and the years pass, the natural ageing of the prefinished fibre cement panels leaves subtle traces on the surface. The façade will gradually acquire a distinctive patina.

Genesis Colour Variation

Texture, colour and patina variation that changes with the elements to add uniqueness, charm and character.


Genesis Image Update


Genesis Key Benefits

  • CodeMark Certified to the NCC 2022
  • Low Maintenance – with no ongoing painting or sealing required

  • Easily Cut and Installed Onsite

  • Through Coloured Material

  • Panels are an exceptionally durable panel making them graffiti, scratch and impact resistant

  • Deemed Non-combustible as per C2D10(6)(d) of the NCC 2022

  • A Better Sustainable and Environmental Product – Genesis is installed on a ventilated sub-construction system allowing for the building envelope to breathe; increasing thermal and energy efficiency

  • Cost effective, Prefinished CFC Solution

  • Complete fixing system (panel, batten, sarking, accessories)

  • Available in both 2.5m and 3.05m sheets

  • Life expectancy exceeding 50 years.

  • Available in the following profiles – Classic, Raw, Hewn, Groove, Infuse, Depth and Rustik

  • Short lead times given stock availability

  • 15-year warranty

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