Rainscreen Cladding Systems

Stryüm: Evelyn Apartments - Ringwood, VIC

As the world increasingly turns to more sustainably designed builds, Fairview is investing substantially in the development of rainscreen cladding systems for both our natural and metal product ranges.

Rainscreen façade is a two-level construction system which provides superior waterproofing, long term durability and thermal efficiency.

When rain and wind forces moisture towards the building, the majority is deflected off the outer layer of the façade, the primary weatherproof layer. The moisture that permeates the outer layer is then managed through ventilation and drainage in the cavity between the primary weatherproof layer and the secondary weatherproof layer. Rainscreen systems therefore utilise air flow and ventilation to insulate buildings and minimise exposure and damage caused by the elements.

rainscreen diagram




Rainscreen facades combine an open cavity at the top and the bottom of the wall.

The top air cavity is protected with an overhang to minimise moisture entering.

Warmer air within the cavity rises and draws cooler air in from the base of the wall, helping the evaporative drying in the cavity for moisture and condensation control.




Benefits of Rainscreen Cladding Panels

Superior Weatherproofing:

Rainscreen façades protect the structure of the building from moisture, including rain and condensation, through a multi-layer barrier system, and is less prone to single failure point based on site workmanship.  

Rainscreen facades minimise weatherproofing defects.


Long Term Durability:

Rainscreen façades are less dependent on sealants, and hence are less subject to deterioration over time, and the maintenance cost of dealing with repairs.


Condensation Control:

When properly managed, condensation should form in the cladding cavity (as opposed to within the wall structure). A rainscreen provides for this to be drained or evaporated, thereby preventing damage and mould growth.


Thermal Efficiency:

A rainscreen Façade helps shade the structure and dissipate heat.

The heat, particularly from direct sunlight, is radiated into the cavity rather than being transferred directly into the structure.

 The warm air moves up and out the cavity by convection, drawing in cooler air at the base and insulating the primary wall structure.


Fairview Rainscreen Façade Systems

Not only do we offer a diverse selection of high-performance cladding applications, but all our cladding systems can be installed as a rainscreen façade system. 

Fairview’s range of façade products have been specifically designed for rainscreen applications and when installed, facilitates the buildings energy efficiency, thermal comfort, condensation management and durability while maintaining the building aesthetic appeal.

Explore Fairview’s most specified rainscreen façade systems below.

Smartbric - for a natural-looking masonry façade

Smartbric™ ingeniously combines a grouted traditional brick facing or a modern, mortarless brick facing with a mounting track or universal rail. Featuring incredible strength, weather resistance, a universal fixing system and easy installation, this is an outstanding option for both internal and external wall applications.


Genesis - for pre-finished fibre cement wall cladding

Non-combustible and ideal for a diverse range of projects, Genesis comes in large sheet sizes with a wide range of colour palettes, profiles and features. This product boasts a unique and efficient rivet fix system, a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty and an impressive 50-year life expectancy.


Argeton - for terracotta rainscreen cladding

A terracotta ventilated rainscreen system, Argeton comes in a complete range of natural terracotta tiles and panels. Resistant to the effects of UV, scratches, dents and extreme weather patterns, environmentally friendly and ball impact safety tested (to DIN 18032-3), these terracotta panels are available in a terrific selection of formats, colours and shapes.


Stryüm – for metal rainscreen cladding

Pre-finished solid aluminium paneling Stryüm boasts a choice of unlimited powder coat finishes and anodised or woodgrain effects. Non-combustible and with a striking contemporary appeal, Stryüm offers the largest range of high-quality interlocking panels on the market.


Vitraloc – for non-combustible steel cladding

100% Australian-made from non-combustible roll-formed steel, Vitraloc offers a fully detailed rainscreen cladding system and thermally managed substructure. The steel panels give a visually striking and sophisticated design statement with their distinctive tall sharp ribs, flat smooth pan profiles and substantial pallet of colours and textures. Vitraloc cladding panels are suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications and are available in two modern profiles.


Vitracore G2 – for engineered aluminium cladding

Vitracore G2 is the ideal façade product for all types of construction, from residential developments to large scale government infrastructure projects. The lightweight nature of the panels, aid in installation procedure and efficacy, reducing overall construction cost. Providing an almost limitless range of colours and finishes, including the option of customisable graphic panels, Vitracore G2 is the decisive solution to high demand and industry requirements.


Vitradual – for prefinished solid aluminium cladding

Vitradual is a 3mm non-combustible solid aluminium cassette cladding system that is high impact resistant and can be fabricated, curved and rolled. The pre-finished large format cladding panels feature the same PVDF coating system as Fairview’s leading aluminium panel Vitracore G2; well proven for its superior quality, extensive colour range and design integrity.


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Fairview takes great pride in our stringent 360 VIEW quality assurance process, which ensures that our cladding systems are of the highest quality and will deliver superior performance. This comprehensive approach involves meticulous testing, rigorous inspections, and continuous support throughout the manufacturing and installation processes, ensuring that every aspect of our cladding systems adheres to the highest standards of compliance and durability. With our dedication to providing top of the market cladding products, we stand as a trusted friend of the industry that will support your project from design to installation, guaranteeing that your building's exterior will not only be aesthetically pleasing but also reliable and long-lasting.

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