Innovation Driving High Performing Façades

With Z-Angles being recognised as the most efficient and foolproof way of fabricating and installing cassette aluminium panels, is there a change to make the system better?

Fairview is passionate about the continual improvement of our range of products and accessories, aimed to enhance building performance. As such, we are proud to announce the development of new Z-Angles that form part of our Vitrafix range of façade accessories.


The new Z-Angles feature a wider top leg, designed to strengthen the cassette return edge by facilitating the use of a double-sided tape, like the Architectural Panel Range of VHB tapes from 3M, to bond the Z-Angle to underside of the panel. Mechanical fasteners are still required to fasten the cassette to the z angle

In addition, our new Z-Angles evolve and maximise the performance of façades resulting in more durable building designs. 


The advantages of our new Z-Angles include:

  • More engagement under the panel – from 10mm to 25mm.
  • More space to fit adhesive tapes – structural silicone.
  • NCC22 now allows for tapes to be used on panels – the new design facilitates this new allowance to provide much stronger cassette folds and allows architects and engineers to meet their compliance requirements.

Z-Angle Diagram with Measurements-1

Contact our knowledgeable and friendly team today for more details and to learn how Fairview can offer a full cladding system for your project.