Australia’s First Cladding Visualiser Redefines Design

Visualise and validate your architectural project’s exterior cladding with Fairview’s new design tool

Fairview continues to demonstrate its commitment to driving industry innovation with the exciting launch of Australia’s first exterior cladding visualiser.

The groundbreaking online design tool revolutionises how architects, designers and builders bring their plans to life. It helps specifiers communicate their building’s distinct story and turns imagination into reality.

By providing the industry with a clear and accurate perception of how cladding choices appear in reality, Fairview’s online tool supports planning and design and ultimately enhances commercial external cladding outcomes.


How the façade visualiser works

The user simply selects any of the five building template images provided in Fairview’s online design gallery. They can browse through the entire range of Fairview cladding products and colours, selecting variants and applying them to the building image.

After making a list of choices, the user can request a sample of the appropriate commercial cladding.


Online visualisation advantages

Creativity, precision and accuracy underpin the world of architects, designers and builders. Eliminating the guesswork is crucial to specifier success and client satisfaction. Thanks to Fairview’s online visualiser, the process just became a lot easier.

By providing creative but realistic concepts, Fairview’s cladding visualiser achieves myriad advantages for the trade:

· Preview products - specifiers can see the cladding applied to a development that closely resembles their own project.

· Find commercial cladding and colour inspiration quickly and easily.

· Experiment with products and colours and discover solutions not otherwise considered.

· Share customised results with colleagues or clients to illustrate their vision.

· Streamline decision-making and feel secure about the professional choices they make.


With just a few clicks, the online façade visualiser empowers creativity with confidence.


Apply creative visualisation to these cladding products

Specifiers can use the pioneering exterior cladding and colour visualiser on any of these Fairview products:

Smartbric Brick Cladding

Fairview’s progressive rainscreen brick facade system mimics the natural appearance of brick and is affixed with a specific mounting track or universal rail. Choose between modern mortar-less or traditional grouted brick without the need for conventional bricklayers. Made from local Australian clay and available in a range of classic brick shades.

Visualiser Smartbric

Genesis Prefinished Fibre Cement Cladding

A fibre cement cladding system built to last over half a century. Genesis panels affix to a sub-constructed, ventilated rainscreen system that increases thermal and energy benefits but minimises noise. Available in a generous range of colours and profiles.

Genesis Visualiser blog

Clayton Terracotta Cladding

A rainscreen cladding system made from natural, hard-wearing terracotta. Choose baguettes or sunshades in a generous selection of colours, textures and profiles.

Clayton Visualiser

Stryüm Interlocking Solid Aluminium Cladding

Solid aluminium, Australian-made interlocking rainscreen cladding that is perfect for residential builds, mixed-use developments and large-scale government projects. A unique concave or convex application means installation can be horizontal or vertical.

Stryum Visualiser blog

Vitracore G2 Engineered Aluminium Cladding

Fastidiously designed, easy to install aluminium panel with amplified fire safety and reduced weight. Available in a seemingly infinite range of finishes and colours, along with bespoke graphic panelling via Fairview VitraArt.

G2 visualiser blog

Vitradual Solid Aluminium Cladding

Non-combustible cladding made from solid aluminium cassettes and designed for maximum performance. The resilient, strong panels can be curved, rolled or perforated. Available in a terrific selection of standard, metallic, chromatic, and woodgrain colouring.

Vitradual visualiser blog


Australia’s trusted cladding supplier for over 30 years

Fairview has assisted specifiers to achieve architectural brilliance for over 30 years with their dedication to superior product innovation, independent testing and unrivalled industry knowledge. The Fairview team’s commitment to sustainable product advancement and comprehensive specification support has won them over 6,000 architectural projects to date.


Try Fairview’s exterior cladding visualiser

Discover Fairview’s new, easy to use design tool to visualise the exterior cladding of your choosing.


To find out more about our design visualisation tool or any of our external cladding products, contact our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced customer service team.


Explore the endless possibilities of what Fairview’s cladding could bring to your next design.