Why Specify Fibre Cement Cladding?

Fibre Cement Facade Panels

Fibre cement is usually compared to other budget-friendly and heavily processed materials like PVC or aluminum panels. One of the main reasons that architects opt for pre-finished, through-coloured fibre cement, such as Fairview’s Genesis, over other low-cost alternatives is that, when detailed properly, it looks like a far more premium product. Dense, high-quality fibre cement panels can mimic the appearance of stone or concrete at a much lower cost. 

What is Fibre Cement?

A building’s façade can feature an array of materials such as timber, masonry, terracotta, metal, steel and aluminum. The design and performance characteristics of these materials vary significantly, and your choice of cladding should be based on a careful assessment of the project’s climate conditions, as well as the aesthetic design intent 

As a building product, Fibre Cement, since being invented in the late 19th century has gained increasing interest by architects and designers looking for a compliant and durable material that adds texture, warmth and character with beautiful, rich and earthy-tone colours.   

Fibre cement is made by mixing various ingredients including Cement, Wollastonite, Cellulose, Silica Sand and Water. There are two main curing processes ‘auto claved’ which is a process of applying intense heat and pressure to eliminate moisture from fibre cement materials, and ‘Air cured’ as the name suggests the Fibre Cement is allowed to set in natural conditions without heat.


Painted Vs Through-Coloured 

Through-coloured fibre cement is an attractive, resilient construction material that’s ideal for all kinds of exterior and interior protective surfaces. The inclusion of meticulously researched, carefully engineered polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and specially selected cellulose fibres into the cement-based material provides a unique combination of lightness, technical performance and exceptional strength. When colour is added, it makes the surface colour flow through the panel’s core, making it perfect for seamless edging and cut-outs. 

Painted fibre cement consists of a base grey board, often low or medium density, either painted onsite once installed or in a factory prior to delivery to site. Either way over time the finish fades and re-painting is required. It is also less durable and prone to cracking; scratches are also more visible as once the external surface paint is penetrated the base grey board is visible.



Through-coloured fibre cement comes in a wide range of colours from bright and vibrant to natural earthy tones, as well as many textures and finishes from smooth clear coatings allowing you to see the matrix of the fibre, sandblasted effects, sanding lines, liner routed patterns that change with the light, as well as aesthetically pleasing colour coded fixings. Sub framing can also add to the visual effect with black foam or flashing through joints. 


Other benefits of Fibre Cement 

  • Available in a wide range of shapes, finishes, profiles and thicknesses.  
  • Suitable for use in wet areas  
  • Resistant to biological degradation  
  • Lightweight in panel form so easy to install  
  • Resistant to impact damage when using thicker and compressed sheets  
  • Dimensionally stable when finished and installed correctly  
  • Design flexibility of framed construction in terms of form and finish 
  • Low to no maintenance required.  


Sustainable façade design begins with Genesis

Fairview has been Australia’s number one trusted cladding manufacturer, supplier, and friend of the industry for over 30 years. We understand you are responsible for bringing sustainability to your designs and liable for the products you specify in your building designs. We’re here to support your need to evidence the performance and compliance behind the products you select. 

Genesis is our latest natural, durable, and sustainable fibre cement cladding solution that heralds a new era in green design. With all-natural materials and compliance with AS 1530.3 fire safety and AS 4284 weatherproofing standards, Genesis is the ideal solution for creating artistic façades, while enhancing the environmental benefits and energy efficiency of your building envelope. 

Learn more about Genesis.

When you specify Genesis prefinished fibre-cement façade boards, Fairview is here to support your project vision, from aesthetic design ideas to compliance requirements, installation time, and lower costs. With a 360 View® around quality assurance and expertise in providing quality cladding products, Fairview brings you the ideal solution to all your green design needs.  

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