Terracotta and Fibre Cement Natural Cladding: Timeless Beauty in Modern Façade Design

Natural terracotta cladding CFC

For the modern architect, whether you’re designing a corporate headquarters or an apartment block, façade cladding is not just a functional element of design, it influences the entire personality of a building. Supported by decades of experience, Fairview have engineered a suite of versatile cladding systems, colours and environmentally inspired textures, intended to empower Architects and Designers, to create their own unique legacy through meaningful and thought-provoking design. 

Expectations of contemporary design exceed functionality and compliance. Fairview understands that cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, sustainability and durability are key elements within modern-day construction. Fairview is proud to present two flagship natural products, both made to ignite excitement and creativity in every project.

Clayton. The Ultimate in Biophilic Design  

Terracotta cladding has a long history in construction, meaning those in the know have had time to improve industry techniques and refine their knowledge over many years. For Fairview, this has resulted in one powerful cladding solution - Clayton.   

Clayton was born into a new era of architectural trends, where design meets nature for an environmentally conscious and sustainable built environment. Made from clay, and sculptured at high temperatures, the cladding profiles provide an array of earthy, natural tones and textures, that work perfectly within biophilic design.  

Terracotta Wall Cladding 

Terracotta façade cladding has become popular in public buildings like schools, and other high stress areas due to its unmatched durability and strength against harsh weather conditions and its low maintenance requirements. Terracotta cladding’s structural composition of mass and density creates higher thermal insulation, improving noise reduction and providing UV and weather resistance that offers the added benefit of increased energy efficiency to the build.  

A new era of cladding colours and profiles  

Unlike all other terracotta cladding products in the Australian market, Clayton terracotta cladding comes in a comprehensive range of profiles, colours, textures, shapes and finishes. Specifiers can choose profile options from the Standard, Specialist, or Baguette range.   

Striving for a Mediterranean feel? The dynamic shapes and vibrant colour of both the Louver and Arc cladding profiles from the Baguette range might fit your brief. Or maybe you're after a bold modern look? The solid patterns of the Concave or Groove Wide from the Specialist Range might just be the answer.  

The blending of clay materials and varied firing temperatures produce a variety of earthy colours to complement any pallet. Pigments, oxides and glazes widen the range of options available to tailor the cladding colour, tone, and finish. The cladding can also be processed with a variety of surface texture treatments, including natural, sandblasted, wire struck, corrugated, grooved and linear.  

For something unique, choose a Specialised finish – there are a considerable number of options, from the Glazed Broken Glass for a warming texture, Chromatic Rainbow for a subtle injection of colour, Frottage for two-tone delight, or Grey Terrazzo for an elegant marble effect, to name just a few.  

Clayton samples

Low maintenance, seamless cladding installation  

Clayton terracotta cladding is easy and efficient to install. As a rainscreen system, Clayton does not require grout or sealants and therefore is less labour intensive to install, reducing time and costs. Specifiers can choose from three different installation options including wall bracket and t-profile, top hat or stud wall.  

With a handy self-cleaning function, the terracotta façade surface is anti-static, making it difficult for dust to accumulate and any build up will be washed away with rain. This also makes it cost effective, particularly to the upkeep of high-rise builds, where cleaning and maintenance can be an expensive exercise.  

Energy efficiency and sustainability at its best  

Terracotta cladding shields against a variety of weather conditions. The natural properties of clay prevent the absorption of heat, keeping the building temperature regulated throughout the year. The rainscreen cladding system prevents rain from reaching the structural wall, while the ventilated cavity helps to keep airflow moving to avoid condensation build up. 

Resistant to UV and highly durable, Clayton has a 50-year lifespan, promising reliable protection to a building for decades to come. Made from natural materials, at the end of its life, the cladding can be recycled and crushed to be used as a road base or in landscaping products.  

Looking for a natural cladding solution that promises strength, quality and durability? Look no further than Clayton.  

terracotta building

Genesis. The Versatile Fibre Cement Cladding. 

This prefinished, engineered fibre cement cladding is available in a range of cladding profiles, created to inspire the savvy designer to think big, think creative, and think of the future. Manufactured in Europe, Genesis offers a complete fixing system. This includes panels which can be cut to size onsite, battens and accessories, all of which helps reduce installation hours in its simplicity and effectiveness. 

Genesis fibre cement cladding is an attractive option for a wide range of projects. Perfect for new build community projects, such as hospitals, art galleries, aged care centres or schools. Determine the architectural style, and there will be a cladding profile that fits your brief.   


Architectural Facades 

Genesis profiles (Classic, Raw, Hewn, Groove, Infuse, Depth and Rustik) are all through-coloured fibre cement, available in a wide range of natural colours with a variety of shading and texture options. 

Genesis Groove

A multitude of fibre cement cladding profiles 

Looking for an industrial look? Be inspired by Genesis Raw. This textured surface has a raw yet authentic allure. The visible sanding lines of the panels surface provide a tactile feel. This combined with natural ageing will create a distinctive patina over time. Or maybe Genesis Rustic is more to your liking, for a natural, rough expression. Genesis Depth façade boards may also fit the bill, combining the natural elements of the through-coloured fibre cement, with the extremely durable clear topcoat.  

Designing with futuristic features in mind? Look to the future with Genesis Groove. Groove by name, groove by nature, this façade has a unique grooved surface that plays with the light and shadow of its environment, reflecting a dynamically changing appearance throughout the day depending on light and angle. 

Modern façade design typically features sustainable options that guarantee durability. Choose Genesis Infuse for a dynamic and inspirational appeal. Every board is infused with the same colour throughout, from core to surface, meaning every edge portrays a vibrant, contemporary outlook. Or maybe you’d prefer to captivate your audience with Genesis Classic, the 8mm prefinished compressed fibre cement panel is completed with a highly durable factory-applied fluoropolymer paint system. 

Seeking a modern exterior with effortless charm? Try Genesis Hewn. The rough, yet elegant, structured surface appears to be hewn from natural stone. This appearance will add a subtly eroded surface finish to your exterior, as if it were built using natural materials. 

Choose Genesis for access to limitless cladding profile solutions that can be tailored to your unique vision. 

Genesis samples

Façade cladding with enduring performance 

With a life expectancy exceeding 50 years, Genesis fibre cement cladding is made to last. Scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and structurally sound, it requires no resealing or painting and will not suffer from mould, fungi or rot, with the natural airflow within the cavity assisting in preventing moisture buildup, prolonging the structural integrity of the building. 

The ventilated façade system is also designed to reflect external noise, with some projects achieving an average reduction of up to 8dB. Primary external noise sources like road traffic can be reduced significantly, improving the comfort of those residing within the building.  

Limitless possibilities. Endless solutions. For visionary work that won’t go unmissed, Genesis fibre cement panels provide innovative solutions for façades that will serve you now and well into the future.   


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The Fairview team share a common goal. To revolutionise cladding in the quest for a more sustainable, yet stylish future in design. If you're looking for cladding inspiration for your next project, contact our friendly team or request a free sample today.