Why Cladding Is Crucial For Build To Rent Profitability

terracotta cladding

Property developers turning their eye towards potentially lucrative Build To Rent portfolios should be guided by one word - quality. A crucial element that will deliver functionality and aesthetics to a Build To Rent investment is cladding. 

Here, we explore why quality is key to this emerging development trend. We then profile some of the best exterior cladding systems and solutions for such a project and provide helpful insights to ensure you the best value return.


What is Build To Rent?

As Australia’s housing affordability crisis worsens and demand outstrips supply, the recent Build to Rent model has become increasingly attractive for developers. 

A disruptive, innovative solution, BTR provides long-term, achievable rental opportunities, offering a more secure and stable option to Australian renters.  Delivering comfort, community and convenience, this housing model is gathering plenty of momentum in Australia. With assets professionally managed and tenants entering long-term agreements, BTR is an equally attractive proposition for developers seeking stability, strong returns and income diversification. 

However, despite their potential ‘quick-fix’ solution, BTR models cannot cut corners in design and delivery. On the contrary, the trend is to create quality, sustainable dwellings that will stand the test of time and deliver maximum long-term investment returns. 

For this reason, it is crucial that BTR developers specify with reputable, quality building materials offering robust and generous warranties. 


Why Quality Is Key For Build To Rent In Australia 

Still in its infancy, the Build To Rent sector is estimated to be already valued at $16.87 billion with expectations of continued growth. Developing quality solutions is paramount from the outset for several reasons: 

  • Securing a competitive advantage. 
  • Achieving higher rental returns. 
  • Delivering long-term investment opportunities.
  • Reducing maintenance costs. 
  • Mitigating any risk of dispute over defects. 
  • Adhering to regulations and compliance. 
  • Increased likeness to secure funding. 
  • Attracting and retaining the right tenants. 

External Cladding Protects & Promotes BTR Investments

Never underestimate the role of cladding to amplify a project in myriad ways. Specifying with the most appropriate and affordable cladding solutions will protect and promote your Build To Rent housing project.   

The right choice of cladding will: 

  • Serve as a weather barrier, protecting the facade and building from damage and deterioration over time. 
  • Be made from durable, robust materials and manufacturing processes that encourage building longevity and reduce maintenance or repair costs. 
  • Can contribute to the building’s energy efficiency.
  • Add allure and value to a development via its strong aesthetic appeal. 
  • Brings reputation and respect to the project via the appropriate cladding brand. 

For these reasons - and many more - Fairview cladding is the ideal solution for your Build To Rent concept. 


Fairview’s Best Build To Rent Cladding Solutions 

Fairview offers a range of premium quality faꞔade and wall cladding ideal for your BTR. Let’s explore some of the essential features you may be after and the ideal Fairview product for your needs. 


Easy installation cladding 

Saving time and costs is front-and-centre of any building project, not least of all a BTR. Relying on cladding such as Fairview’s Smartbric will achieve savings across the board. Sliding the bricks onto the universal Track and Rail system maximises efficiencies. The mortarless option also makes additional preparation and cleanup redundant, thus adding to the savings. 

Clyde Health Hub

Clyde Health Hub, VIC, featuring the Smartbric Classic brick system in the colour Salt.


Cladding to help regulate temperature 

Rainscreen systems allow for better temperature regulation and less energy usage over time. Impressively, the majority of Fairview cladding systems can come as a rainscreen. If you’re interested to read more, visit our blog article about rainscreen cladding for Build To Rent developments. 


Easy maintenance cladding 

Most Fairview cladding panels come prefinished and are either 'through colour' or deliver 'powder-on-powder' colour technology, ensuring colour lasts over time. 

With Smartbric specifically, you can cleverly remove and replace broken tiles from tenant damage without interrupting the rest of the facade. Clayton terracotta cladding features tiles that are coloured to last with very little upkeep required. 

1 Pretoria Parade_Hornsby_005

1 Pretoria Parade, Hornsby NSW, featuring terracotta cladding in the colour Salmon Pastol.


Biophilic cladding 

Biophilic design looks at ways buildings can improve or enhance occupant well-being by better connecting them with nature. In terms of cladding, we can interpret this literally via applications such as Clayton, whose natural clay is a direct link to the earth. 

However, you can also create a figurative connection through a product such as the Genesis, Fairview’s prefinished fibre cement cladding. With seven distinct profiles mimicking nature, from woodgrain through to stone, this is a timeless and versatile cladding option. 

cv windsorCV Windsor Apartments, VIC, featuring Genesis Raw in the colours Basalt Grey and Light Slate.


Attractive cladding 

When it comes to the real estate value of curbside appeal, looks matter. 

All Fairview cladding products are designed to deliver in function and form. However, a special mention goes to Vitrart, Fairview’s custom graphics cladding panels. UV-resistant and non-combustible, this cladding not only looks incredible - and unlike anything anywhere else - it also delivers on performance. 

Developers, architects and investors entering the BTR sector can’t afford to compromise cladding. Careful consideration will elevate form, function and long-term profitability for their development. As BTR continues to proliferate Australia-wide, Fairview remains an industry leader for innovative, affordable and enduring cladding. 


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