About Ecoloop

Ecoloop is Australia’s first ACP recycling solution for recladding waste, which was designed by Fairview in close collaboration with waste management experts. This initiative was established in response to the State Government’s mandated removal of polyethylene (PE) cladding, as part of comprehensive rectification initiatives across the country.

Identifying a gap within the market, Ecoloop sees ‘non-compliant cladding’ waste from rectification projects recycled and repurposed, diverting up to 100% of non-compliant ACP cladding material from landfill.

With more emphasis being placed on sustainability and the circular economy, especially in construction, Ecoloop is taking a proactive approach to enhance sustainability in the industry. Industry-wide sustainability is at the heart of this initiative, with the intention for Ecoloop being the maximisation of ease for builders, building owners, Councils, developers, owners corporations and strata managers to take the sustainable path with problem cladding while facilitating the repurposing of new products, reducing virgin material consumption and contributing to the circular economy.

The Impact

With an estimated 4.2 million sqm of cladding across Australia identified to require replacement, in environmental terms, this translates to 20,000 tonnes of ACP which has consumed 340,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases in production and use.

To explain the significance environmentally, recycling aluminium composite panel offsets virgin material production of aluminium and polyethylene. Repurposing these products consumes less than 20% of the energy required to create the virgin material, which means every square metre recycled has an equivalent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions as planting one tree. That is, 4.2million sqm of cladding = 4.2 million trees.

*Disclaimer: estimates only.

The Take Back Program & Process

Cladding waste from rectification project sites is collected and freighted to Ecoloop’s processing facility, where a unique and comprehensive separation process is performed.

Once separated, the materials are bagged and distributed for repurposing. 

  • Aluminium is sent to an aluminium smelter to be made into new aluminium products, such as window frames, park benches and building products. 
  • Polyethylene is sent to a plastic manufacturer to be repurposed into new and safe plastic products, such as concrete bar chairs, flower pots, commercial landscape drains and pits, piping, plastic pallets and bottles. 
  • Ferrous metals go to a metal recycler for the reproduction of new metal products. 
  • Mixed residuals – unlike any other ACP recycling process, Ecoloop diverts any remaining non-recyclable fractions into the Waste to energy process which in turn is used to offset the use of coal.
  • Uniquely, the Ecoloop solution prevents any of the elements from ending up in landfill.

Where other recycling practices see waste materials shipped overseas for processing, often using harmful and unethical practices, Ecoloop provides an Australian solution following Australian Standards using Australian workers.


Ecoloop Logo (Transparent) | Fairview Architectural Cladding, Australia

An important part of the process is reporting on where the materials end up and their end use. Possible uses and innovative applications for the recycled material, continue to be investigated through our engagement with leading Universities and research and technology organisations.

In addition, optional reporting and independent auditing will provide our clients with statistics on how Ecoloop has helped them lessen their environmental impact now and into the future.

Why Ecoloop?

  • Ecoloop is the first and only ACP recycling solution with a facility here in Australia
  • 100% diversion from landfill, which include the mixed residuals which go through a waste to energy process
  • 100% processed within Australia
  • Closed Loop Stewardship Program – 1 party offering
  • 3rd party ‘Green Star’ certified process and reporting
  • Project specific sustainability reporting

How Can You Play Your Part?

Rethink rectification and cladding waste

Consider where your cladding waste is going and download the Ecoloop Brochure to broaden your awareness of the program

Contacting the Fairview team today to see how you can commit to enhancing sustainability in the construction industry

If you are an Installer for a project which has Ecoloop specified, watch this animation which will explain the simple pick up process.

“It was really good to see the Ecoloop machinery in full operation – it’s innovative, it’s fully functional and it’s interesting to be able to completely understand the breakdown of ACP.
From this experience
 I am now confident to recommend Ecoloop to all future rectification clients.

Mathew O’Donnell, Procurement Manager, Casello.

“The market is now full of clients looking for sustainable options. We often get asked how the materials are recycled, so we can now confidently specify a solution which is Australian, traceable and transparent.”  

Sam Goldberg, Business Development Manager (Cladding), Casello


“I’m very impressed by the Ecoloop facility. It’s a great initiative that addresses a huge gap in the rectification market, finding a solution to the excessive cladding waste. Ecoloop closes the loop between supplier, installer and fabricator. It’s a good asset for them to have!”  

Eric Wolf, Director, Aesthetic Building & Facades.

“After witnessing the fully functioning Ecoloop process and watching aluminium and polyethylene being completely separated, I am confident to now recommend this recycling initiative to the market.”

Brad Watts, Project Manager, Shape Australia.