CPD Presentation – Wall Systems & C1V3 Verification Method

Fairview is proud to deliver CPD Presentations as part of the AIA Refuel CPD Provider Program.
Every CPD Presentation is delivered in accordance with the respective state/territory Architecture Board requirements and are delivered by an AIA Refuel approved presenter.
Presentations are 60 minutes in length and all attendees are provided with a certificate upon completion; confirming they have attended the session along with the number of CPD points awarded.

In this presentation, attendees will learn about wall systems under the NCC, paths to compliance and what the C1V3 verification method is.

The session delivers the following learning outcomes:

  • Analyse the C1V3 performance solution for external walls
  • Apply knowledge to BCA
  • Identify required performance and compliance in system or full wall build-up
  • Analyse the AS5113 test requirements
  • Define related characteristics of a full wall build-up
  • Identify and understand the components of panel testing

This presentation is equivalent to 1 hours/points of formal CPD and will deliver outcomes related to the following Competency/s from the National Standard of Competency for Architects:


PC28 Be able to draw on knowledge from building sciences and technology, environmental sciences and behavioural and social sciences as part of preliminary design research and when developing the conceptual design to optimise the performance of the project.


PC39 Be able to integrate the material selection, structural and construction systems established in the conceptual design into the detailed design and documentation.

PC41 Be able to coordinate and integrate input from specialists and consultants into the detailed design and documentation

PC45 Be able to nominate and integrate quality and performance standards with regard to selected materials, finishes, fittings, components and systems, considering the impact on Country and the environment, and the whole life carbon impact of the project. This includes integrating life cycle assessments and other expertise and advice from consultants.