Vitrashield is a series of AS5113 classified metal wall cladding systems offering industry leading fire performance combined with extreme corrosion resistance, excellence in long-term weathering, high impact resistance and simplicity of installation.

Vitrashield is the first metal cladding system in Australia to achieve an EW classification through full-scale fire testing to AS5113, and is continuing to achieve further passes on a range of systems.

When combined with the system, the Vitrashield panel can shield combustible elements within the wall build-up whilst still achieving a complete pass to AS5113. This ability to provide high overall wall build-up flexibility, long with maintaining the same overall look as traditional aluminium panels, is especially suited to rectification works where combustible elements may already be present.

The Vitrashield external cladding system is a complete wall system as required by the AS5113 test, from internal plasterboard to the external cladding. The systems provide an essential basis for designing a safe and compliant external wall.

The Vitrashield panel is easily and accurately installed by using a pre-fabricated panel cassette over a top hat substructure with hidden mechanical fixings.

Not only perfect for new builds, Vitrashield is suitable for façade recladding and rectification projects, as it has a minimal impact on the wall integrity or original design – and may even enable combustible components to be left in place.

Vitrashield is a registered trademark and has a patent pending.

While Fairview offers a selection of systems that have already achieved EW classification to suit a variety of wall requirements, we are also able to assist with testing, engineering and assessments to achieve the safest and simplest compliant solution on an individual project basis.

Key benefits

  • AS5113 compliant systems

  • Perfect choice for recladding projects

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Solid and strong

  • Larger spanning performance

  • Flexible cladding options

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