Westfield Sports High School

Fairfield NSW

ProductsCeramaPANEL Raw, CeramaPANEL Natural, CeramaPANEL Depth

ColoursCPR-7038, CPN-9001, CPD-3009

Builder Hindmarsh Constructions

ArchitectMode Design

InstallerCathay Chung Yue Estate (CCYE)

Embracing a dynamic and flexible learning environment, Westfields Sports High School infuses contemporary school design philosophy while encompassing a variety of programs which includes wood and metal workshops, as well as science, technology, general and shared learning spaces. It also accommodates seminar rooms, a staff lounge, staff study rooms and a large multipurpose hall. These spaces can be categorised into two primary types - the noisy and the quiet. It is this dichotomy that formed the architectural framework of producing both acoustic and visual separation between these two distinctive spaces. The project includes completion of the design in accordance with the Department of Education requirements and construction of a new three storey building that provides 23 new teaching spaces accommodating up to 460 students. CeramaPANEL was chosen in three different colours and installed using colour coded security fixings.