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Vitrabond aluminium composite panel is comprised of a fire resistant core sandwiched between either two aluminium or other natural metal cover sheets.

While the core is combustible, Vitrabond Aluminium Composite panel (FR), has demonstrated excellent large scale fire performance, avoiding the spread of fire. Vitrabond FR also achieves a Group 2 for internal wall and ceiling linings.

Due to its versatility, the use of Vitrabond Aluminium Composite panel provides a range of further advantages:

  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust durability & Lightweight
  • Unlimited colour range available
  • Quick lead times
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to install
  • High-class Kynar 500 PVDF surface finish
  • Can be cut onsite and is flexible in terms of its ability to be folded, curved and shaped

Vitrabond is also available in a range of specialty finishes, including:

  • VITRABOND/ZN – Zinc Composite Material (ZCM)
  • VITRABOND/CU – Copper Composite Material (CCM)
  • VITRABOND/SS – Stainless Steel Composite Material (SSCM)
  • VITRABOND/EZ – Ersatze pattern finished aluminium to imitate a variety of natural metals at a fraction of the cost

With our unlimited colour range and a dedication to continual product development, we are readily available to meet any of your aluminium composite panel specifications.

Note the use of Vitrabond will require a performance solution when used on an external wall in type A or B construction.

Contact us today for more information or prices on our aluminium composite cladding solutions, or request a sample online now.

Colour chart

Printer accuracy is subject to the calibration of your monitor and printer limitations. For exact colours, please request an actual sample.

Solid Colours

Pure White Pure White
9902 (No MOQ)
Bold Cream Bold Cream
9702 (No MOQ)
Natural Cream Natural Cream
9103 (MOQ)
Pearl White (gloss) Pearl White (gloss)
1025 (No MOQ)
Frost White Frost White
9210 (No MOQ)
Snow White Snow White
1005 (No MOQ)
Subtle Grey Subtle Grey
1715 (MOQ)
Cool Grey Cool Grey
9304 (No MOQ)
Crux Grey Crux Grey
9504 (MOQ)
Rune Grey (gloss) Rune Grey (gloss)
1740 (MOQ)
Riddle Grey Riddle Grey
1255 (No MOQ)
Thriller Grey Thriller Grey
1266 (MOQ)
Monument Grey Monument Grey
1270 (No MOQ)
Enigma Black Enigma Black
9130 (No MOQ)
Formal Black (gloss) Formal Black (gloss)
1295 (MOQ)
Fresh Green Fresh Green
1510 (MOQ)
Leaf Green Leaf Green
1520 (MOQ)
Lime Green Lime Green
1555 (MOQ)
Spring Green Spring Green
1540 (No MOQ)
Grass Green Grass Green
1580 (MOQ)
Energy Green Energy Green
1590 (No MOQ)
Park Green Park Green
1588 (MOQ)
Pine Green Pine Green
1595 (MOQ)
Forest Green (gloss) Forest Green (gloss)
1599 (MOQ)
Coral Blue Coral Blue
1410 (MOQ)
Harbour Blue Harbour Blue
9207 (MOQ)
Sky Blue Sky Blue
1430 (No MOQ)
Reef Blue (gloss) Reef Blue (gloss)
1420 (MOQ)
Bay Blue Bay Blue
9107 (MOQ)
Marine Blue Marine Blue
1460 (No MOQ)
Deep Sea Blue Deep Sea Blue
1495 (MOQ)
Lake Blue Lake Blue
1490 (MOQ)
Horizon Violet Horizon Violet
1480 (MOQ)
Spirit Yellow Spirit Yellow
1110 (MOQ)
Cool Yellow Cool Yellow
1125 (MOQ)
Sunshine Yellow Sunshine Yellow
1135 (MOQ)
Bright Yellow Bright Yellow
1140 (No MOQ)
Poise Yellow Poise Yellow
1120 (MOQ)
Golden Yellow Golden Yellow
1160 (MOQ)
Sunrise Orange Sunrise Orange
1150 (MOQ)
Brimstone Orange Brimstone Orange
9011 (MOQ)
Desert Orange Desert Orange
1145 (MOQ)
Sunset Orange Sunset Orange
1155 (MOQ)
Bright Orange Bright Orange
1190 (No MOQ)
Outback Orange (gloss) Outback Orange (gloss)
1180 (MOQ)
Poppy Red Poppy Red
1677 (No MOQ)
Anzac Red (gloss) Anzac Red (gloss)
1670 (MOQ)
Gallantry Red Gallantry Red
1685 (No MOQ)
Fortitude Red (gloss) Fortitude Red (gloss)
1684 (MOQ)
Noble Red Noble Red
1690 (MOQ)
Audacity Red Audacity Red
1630 (MOQ)
Power Red Power Red
1686 (MOQ)
Rose Pink Rose Pink
1620 (MOQ)
Royal Pink Royal Pink
1640 (MOQ)
Opulent Beige Opulent Beige
1320 (MOQ)
Classic Beige Classic Beige
1310 (No MOQ)
Ornate Brown Ornate Brown
1350 (MOQ)
Elegant Brown Elegant Brown
9108 (No MOQ)
Cultured Grey Brown Cultured Grey Brown
1283 (No MOQ)
Majestic Brown Majestic Brown
1370 (MOQ)


Silver Metallic Silver Metallic
9601 (MOQ)
Silver Ice Metallic Silver Ice Metallic
9701 (No MOQ)
Champagne Metallic Champagne Metallic
9205 (No MOQ)
Silver Pearl Metallic Silver Pearl Metallic
4730 (MOQ)
Smoke Silver Metallic Smoke Silver Metallic
9134 (No MOQ)
Maserati Grey Metallic Maserati Grey Metallic
4277 (No MOQ)
Dark Grey Metallic Dark Grey Metallic
9137 (No MOQ)
Bronze Metallic Bronze Metallic
9308 (No MOQ)
Medium Bronze Metallic Medium Bronze Metallic
4344 (No MOQ)
Gold Metallic Gold Metallic
4150 (No MOQ)
Antique Gold Metallic Antique Gold Metallic
4145 (MOQ)
Satin Brown Metallic Satin Brown Metallic
4370 (No MOQ)
Dark Brown Metallic Dark Brown Metallic
4375 (MOQ)
Asteroid Pearl Metallic Asteroid Pearl Metallic
4380 (MOQ)
Satin Black Metallic Satin Black Metallic
5292 (No MOQ)
Copper Metallic Copper Metallic
9809 (No MOQ)
Tangerine Metallic Tangerine Metallic
4190 (MOQ)
Blue Grey Metallic Blue Grey Metallic
4420 (MOQ)
Green Metallic Green Metallic
4540 (MOQ)
Jade Metallic Jade Metallic
9031 (MOQ)


Glacier Grey Zinc Glacier Grey Zinc
5700 (MOQ)
Smokey Blue Zinc Smokey Blue Zinc
5400 (MOQ)
Gannett Green Zinc Gannett Green Zinc
5500 (MOQ)
Sonoma Red Zinc Sonoma Red Zinc
5650 (MOQ)
Onyx Black Zinc Onyx Black Zinc
5280 (MOQ)
Natural Copper Natural Copper
5160 (MOQ/No VG2)
Stainless Steel Opaque Stainless Steel Opaque
5755 (MOQ/No VG2)
Stainless Steel Mirror Stainless Steel Mirror
5800 (MOQ/No VG2)
Stainless Steel Longline Stainless Steel Longline
5840 (MOQ/No VG2)


Zinc Light Zinc Light
5790 (MOQ)
Zinc Dark Zinc Dark
5220 (No MOQ)
Zinc Charcoal Zinc Charcoal
5260 (MOQ)
Zinc Blush Zinc Blush
5600 (MOQ)
Corten Corten
5360 (No MOQ)
Anodised Clear Anodised Clear
5860 (MOQ)
Anodised Mirror Anodised Mirror
5720 (MOQ)
Anodised Brush Anodised Brush
5845 (MOQ)
Brushed Copper Brushed Copper
5150 (No MOQ)
Brushed Gold Brushed Gold
2100 (MOQ)
Brushed Silver Brushed Silver
2200 (No MOQ)
Brushed Black Brushed Black
2295 (No MOQ)


Soft Bamboo Soft Bamboo
8100 (MOQ)
American Pine American Pine
8330 (No MOQ)
Classic Oak Classic Oak
8300 (MOQ)
Rustic Pine Rustic Pine
8310 (MOQ)
Unique Beli Unique Beli
8320 (MOQ)
Vintage Walnut Vintage Walnut
8340 (MOQ)
Elegant Teak Elegant Teak
8355 (No MOQ)
Ascot Teak Ascot Teak
8385 (MOQ)
Noble Bloodwood Noble Bloodwood
8650 (MOQ)
Polished Rengas Polished Rengas
8395 (MOQ)
Majestic Alder Majestic Alder
8399 (MOQ)
Iron Gum Iron Gum
8700 (MOQ)


Sparkling White Sparkling White
7010 (Gloss/MOQ)
Sparkling Light Grey Sparkling Light Grey
4725 (MOQ)
Sparkling Titanium Sparkling Titanium
7260 (MOQ)
Sparkling Dark Grey Sparkling Dark Grey
7250 (No MOQ)
Sparkling Black Sparkling Black
7295 (Gloss/No MOQ)
Sparkling Green Sparkling Green
7500 (MOQ)
Sparkling Blue Sparkling Blue
7470 (Gloss/MOQ)
Sparkling Red Sparkling Red
7650 (Gloss/MOQ)
Chromatic Ice Gold Chromatic Ice Gold
7090 (Gloss/MOQ)
Chromatic Antique Gold Chromatic Antique Gold
7160 (Gloss/MOQ)
Chromatic Rustic Bronze Chromatic Rustic Bronze
7350 (Gloss/MOQ)
Chromatic Galaxy Silver Chromatic Galaxy Silver
7290 (Gloss/MOQ)
Chromatic Diamond Purple Chromatic Diamond Purple
7450 (Gloss/No MOQ)
Chromatic Sunset Purple Chromatic Sunset Purple
7430 (Gloss/No MOQ)
Chromatic Fluorescent Violet Chromatic Fluorescent Violet
7480 (Gloss/MOQ)
Chromatic Avatar Green Chromatic Avatar Green
7510 (Gloss/MOQ)
Chromatic Jungle Green Chromatic Jungle Green
7550 (Gloss/MOQ)
Chromatic Ocean Blue Chromatic Ocean Blue
7490 (Gloss/MOQ)
Chromatic Lighthouse Blue Chromatic Lighthouse Blue
7440 (Gloss/MOQ)
Chromatic Honey Gold Chromatic Honey Gold
7170 (Gloss/MOQ)
Chromatic Aztec Gold Chromatic Aztec Gold
7150 (Gloss/MOQ)
Chromatic Tiger Orange Chromatic Tiger Orange
7180 (Gloss/No MOQ)
Chromatic Sahara Copper Chromatic Sahara Copper
7190 (Gloss/MOQ)
Chromatic Ancient Red Chromatic Ancient Red
7690 (Gloss/MOQ)

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