Trimo is an insulated sandwich panel comprising of a non-combustible mineral rockwool core sandwiched between two prefinished steel skins; resulting in a high-strength wall or ceiling system.

Trimo is offered in both vertical and horizontal systems, with additional elements such as corners, flashings and final profiles available for a complete building envelope solution. A unique ‘ArtMe’ finish is available, allowing for individual designs to be set within the steel face skin for a truly unique outcome.

Distributed by Fairview, this complete wall and ceiling system is deemed non-combustible, allows for rapid onsite installation and offers unparalleled design flexibility.

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Key benefits

  • Excellent thermal insulation (minimal energy transfer to and from the environment for stable building temperatures throughout summer and winter)

  • Excellent fire resistance characteristics (thickness dependent)

  • Excellent acoustic insulation (ISO EN 140-3)

  • Excellent airtightness (EN 1026, EN 12114)

  • Excellent watertightness (EN 1027, EN 12865)

  • Deemed non-combustible to AS1530.1 and C1.9e(vii), suitable for use where a deemed non-combustible panel is required for both internal and external applications

  • All-in-one system; including structural strength, exterior cladding and interior lining

  • Prefinished, ensuring no onsite painting is required

  • Range of profiles available (smooth, ribbed, v-profile etc)

  • Unique ‘ArtMe’ finish available; allowing individual designs to be set within the steel face skin

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