Myer Centre Rundle Mall

Adelaide, SA


Products: Vitracore G2 and Vitradual

Colours: 3,310m2 Monument Grey, 440m2 Pure White and 935m2 Gold Metallic

Architect: Stallard Meek Flightpath Architects (SMFA)

Builder: SHAPE

Client: Starhill Global REIT

Installer: SA Construct Pty Ptd

Photo Credit: Pixel Collective

About the project

Architects SMFA were tasked with revitalising the southern façade of the Rundle Mall in Adelaide, creating a modern design that incorporates Vitracore G2 panels in Monument Grey, Pure White and Gold Metallic. Vitradual solid aluminium was chosen for the Gold Metallic columns thanks to its ability to be fabricated, curved and rolled. This project is a prime example of how Vitacore G2 and Vitradual can be used together to achieve a seamless integration between flat and curved sections.


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