Argeton is a terracotta ventilated façade system, available in a complete range of natural clay tiles and panels.

Argeton is the first ceramic façade to have passed the test for ball throwing safety in accordance with DIN 18032-3. It is this strength along with the concealed fixing system that makes Argeton particularly suitable for public buildings and high traffic areas such as schools.

When combined with steel, glass or wood, Argeton adds an elegant and timeless look to exterior façades. Enriching new and modern buildings, the Argeton façade also imparts an exclusive contemporary character to refurbished properties.

Baguettes or sunshades are also available in the Argeton range and are a popular choice for solar protection, to act as an effective ventilation screen, to provide security against access, or to simply add an eye-catching decorative element to your design.

As proud partners of ArGeTon; Australia’s leading terracotta manufacturers, we have the ability to deliver cost effective prices on the installation of this renowned terracotta building cladding system.

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Argeton Key Benefits

  • Scratch and dent resistant

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Extreme UV and weather resistance

  • Concealed fixing system

  • Architectural appeal with a natural clay finish

  • Exceptional durability and strength; suitable for high-impact areas

  • Available in a range of colours, shapes and formats

  • Non-combustible

  • Ball impact safety tested to DIN 18032-3

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