An Affordable, Natural, Prefinished Fibre Cement Cladding Solution

Natural Prefinished Fibre Cement Cladding

Sustainable design is here to stay – and we know you want to use the most effective, innovative sustainable materials possible in your designs. 

As you would be aware, Fairview were fortunate to enter into a distributorship arrangement with PanelCorp in October 2021 to supply CeramaPANEL to the QLD and Vic markets. With the product having been successfully adopted into those markets and Fairview’s preference to manufacture and supply our own products, we are pleased to advise that we have acquired CeramaPANEL and after completing some product improvements and additional testing, have renamed the product to Genesis. A perfect name when it comes to creating new beginnings. 

Genesis Key Benefits

Genesis offers you more creative freedom than ever before, and a wealth of advantages over other prefinished CFC products: 

Proven Safety and Compliance

Genesis has undergone even more testing and is compliant with crucial Australian standards including AS 1530.3 and AS 4284. Build with the reassurance your façades will comply with strict regulations.

High Performance

Longevity and durability are essential for your façade designs. Genesis outperforms other prefinished CFC products, withstanding the harsh Australian environment without expanding or deteriorating in the heat.

Inbuilt Environmental Performance

A ventilated façade system will enhance the thermal and energy performance of your building envelope, whilst lowering the overall energy embodiment rating.


With an extended 15-warranty and lifespan exceeding 50+ years, as well as no ongoing maintenance such as painting, oiling, or sealing, Genesis gives you peace of mind your façades will last for generations.

Quality without Breaking Budget

Genesis offers a cost-effective prefinished CFC solution. The through-coloured panels are cut to size and installed on-site, which means you can save on additional project costs and minimise wastage.

Genesis Prefinished Fibre Cement Panels are the affordable, easy-to-install building façade cladding of choice. With proven thermal efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements, you can achieve your sustainable façade design objectives without breaking your budget. Genesis comes with a minimum 15-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and proven testing performance, so you can specify it with confidence. 


The Genesis range covers the entirety of these finishes 

Genesis prefinished fibre-cement façade boards provide architects with freedom to apply and exploit the visual opportunities on any building façade. 

With multiple options for colour, shading and texture, we have created countless possibilities when designing your stunning façade… so go ahead and unleash your creative flair!


Genesis Raw has an authentic, textured surface that exhibits the raw characteristics of the fibre cement, along with the visible sanding lines on the surface of the boards giving it an extra tactile and visual impact.


Genesis Groove gets it name from the unique grooved surface. The linear groove in tis surface creates a play of light and shadow that will give your façade a dynamically changing appearance throughout the day depending on external light and viewing angle.


Genesis Infuse boards are unique as they’re the same colour all the way through. This is due to the core being infused with the same vibrant yet resilient colour of the painted surface.


Genesis Depth façade boards combine the natural characteristics of the through coloured fibre cement with the extremely durable clear top coating, this allows the highlights of the fibres to be visible.


Genesis Rustik is an untreated fibre cement board that allows the authentic appearance of the rough fibre cement to stand out.


Genesis Classic is an 8mm prefinished compressed fibre cement board which is finished with a highly durable factory applied fluoropolymer paint system. 



When you specify Genesis cladding, Fairview is here to support your project vision, from aesthetic design ideas to compliance requirements, installation time and lower costs. With a 360 View around quality assurance and expertise in providing quality cladding products, Fairview brings you the ideal solution to all your green design needs. 

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