Stryüm, Fairview’s most intelligent aluminium façade product range, is once again emerging as a trendsetter. Our team have been fielding an increase of sample requests and orders for the innovative woodgrain range that offers clients an advantageous and cost-effective solution for achieving the timeless appeal of natural wood.

Brooklyn Apartments_6

Available in 32 different colours and textures, the manufacturing features of the woodgrain range are not limited only to aesthetics, but also provide the benefit of being non-combustible, fully sustainable as well as being 100% Australian made and owned.

The options are further enhanced thanks to Stryüm also offering customised finishes, such as the "Hickory" woodgrain, produced for the Brooklyn Apartments. Stryüm woodgrain finishes are made of non-combustible solid aluminium making it the safe, low maintenance choice that require no additional coating yet provide a more stable material, compared to solid wood, meaning that the product will not age or warp.

Stryüm is available in four attractive profile choices – Shadow, Step, Seam and Curve – and comes in both standard and custom sizes, adding to its popularity amongst architects and specifiers.

To request a sample or to speak with one of our team about using Stryüm on your next project please phone 02 6352 2355 or email  helpdesk@fairview.local