VBA Video Series for At Risk Cladding

Recently, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has developed a series of videos explaining the process involved in identification, assessment and remediation of at risk cladding.
Fairview would like to congratulate the VBA on their proactive effort to explain the situation in a balanced and easily understood manner with a common theme of correct assessment delivering the most appropriate measures to provide a safe building at the end of the process.

The 6 part series covers:

  1. Combustible cladding and its replacement
  2. Identifying combustible cladding
  3. Fire prevention tips for residents
  4. Fire prevention tips for owners corporations
  5. My building is being audited
  6. Why does my building notice mean?

We at Fairview wholeheartedly support the initiative taken here by the VBA and look forward to seeing similar action taken across all states and territories.

Are you concerned about the cladding on your building? Fairview can assist in the identification and materials testing process, contact us today.