Vitradual. Compliant, Durable and 100% Recyclable.

recyclable cladding

When it comes to rectification, Vitradual is one of the only products available that can meet your sustainability, durability, and compliance goals.

Vitradual is 100% recyclable and is the perfect solution for new builds and as the replacement product for rectification projects.  

There is a common misconception that building materials – such as solid aluminium panels – cannot be sustainable. Stockpiled metal waste can have an enormous impact on the environment and has drawn negative attention which makes it difficult to break away from the generalisation that these construction materials are fundamentally “bad”.  

Companies within the metals manufacturing space, like Fairview have developed building materials that have been engineered to endure for many years while also being 100% recyclable as part an end of product life view. 

Fairview’s product stewardship approach is underpinned by our position on waste being viewed as a resource, with consideration of product disposal and end of life key, and the ultimate goal to keep as many products and materials as possible in use, therefore achieving zero landfill.  

With this in mind, Fairview developed Ecoloop to assist in this approach by ensuring a complete closed loop process, diverting 100% of cladding waste from landfill.   

Ecoloop is Australia’s first Aluminum Composite Panel recycling facility, thus enablng Fairview to offer a complete solution for reclad requirements. Ecoloop, has been verified by to comply with Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) Construction and Demolition Waste Reporting Criteria. 

The GBCA’s Construction and Demolition Waste Reporting Criteria allows waste contractors and waste processing facilities to be verified by an independent auditor for compliance with minimum standards of reporting. This is a critical step in ensuring not only transparency in the industry but also customer confidence regarding the recycling of waste. 


The Removal of Cladding = The Need for Recycling   

An estimated 4.2mill sqm of cladding is non-compliant and in need of replacement. Various State Governments across Australia have introduced programs to help remediate potentially combustible cladding on eligible high-risk residential apartment buildings. As a result, this has created a new waste stream.   

Some Australian scrap traders will accept ACP and ship it to developing nations, claiming to recycle it. The aluminium may be recycled, but in hazardous and impactful ways. This is neither ethical or sustainable, and the government is rightly tightening their export policies. 

Cladding Safety Victoria requires builders who have been contracted and approved under the cladding rectification program to submit records of cladding removal as part of funding agreements for individual building projects. Transporters of cladding waste and other materials should ensure that it is delivered to premises licensed or permitted to receive it, such as Ecoloop.  

Ecoloop’s holistic ACP recycling solution Is designed to manage all components from rectification waste here in Australia, and is a bespoke service tailored to specific project needs to help achieve your sustainability targets. The Ecoloop recycling scheme is the most comprehensive on the market regarding its tracking and reporting capabilities.  


Compliant, Durable & Sustainable 

As Australia’s first solid aluminium panel, Vitradual has been the chosen cladding product for thousands of new build and rectification projects across Australia. Fairview’s comprehensive quality assurance process means that from product design to the fabrication floor, Vitradual has been built with performance in mind. 

Stocked locally in a range of standard and custom colours, finishes and sizes, Vitradual is built to last, with high impact resistance and the flexibility to be curved, rolled, and perforated. 

When it comes to rectification, Vitradual is one of the only products available that can meet your sustainability, durability, and compliance goals. 

Cladding rectification doesn’t have to be complicated. 

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