Four Corners And Fairview: What Last Night’s Programme Didn’t Tell You

Cladding Products

ABC programme Four Corners promoted and broadcast an episode called ‘Combustible’ last night (Monday 4th September 2017). We congratulate them on highlighting aspects of this concerning situation.

During their research they also asked to interview Fairview, and we co-operated and welcomed their film crew to our Lithgow premises. There, MD Andrew Gillies was interviewed by the journalist, Deborah Whitmont for some 45 minutes. Andrew offered his expert insights around the cladding issue, to the Four Corners cameras.

In the end, Four Corners omitted Fairview from the story, yet…

  • They filmed inside our factory and distribution facility.
  • We showed them our new CertMark cladding label initiative.
  • We emphasised the system of checks and balances that includes how panels were chosen, how they were installed within wider fire systems and the role of those who signed them off as compliant and fit-for-purpose.
  • They heard how our deemed non-combustible Vitracore G2 is now the preferred, CSIRO-certified compliant cladding for many builders and developer.
  • We confirmed we’d readily co-operate with any official Government cladding audit.
  • We confirmed that Vitracore G2 was selected and installed as the preferred deemed non-combustible cladding product for the replacement of the fire damaged panels on the Lacrosse Tower.

Contrary to what was said in the program, there are many cladding products complying with the AS1530.1 standard, including our Vitradual, and Vitracore G2 under C1.12f of the BCA.

Fairview has been trying to help educate and inform a wide range of stakeholders on the cladding issue for several years – please see our explainer videos here:
2017 – Ensuring the safe use of ACM cladding panels
2015 – Appropriate use of ACM cladding panels

We commend Four Corners for their efforts.

If you’d like to hear more of the full story we told them, please contact us.