Crush Your Carbon Footprint with Climate Friendly Cladding!

CeramaPANEL compressed fibre cement is a cellulose material inspired by natural rock and earth formations that replicates the sense of organic materials. 

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Environmentally conscious architects and designers – pay attention! 

If you’re hot on the trail of a sustainable product, don’t forget to look for low emissions during manufacture that can help reduce the energy output once installed. We’ve done the hard work for you, and you have found your perfect project partner and strategy soulmate with Fairview. 

The building and construction industries share a hefty chunk of the responsibility for creating the earth’s fossil fuel, carbon-dioxide emissions. Combined, they contribute to 39% of the world’s Co2 emissions, while another 28% accounts for operational emissions used to heat, cool and illuminate the buildings once they’re standing. 

That’s a lot! 

Greenhouse gas emissions have been increasing steadily since the 1950s, after the post-war boom, while the 1970s saw human resource consumption as exceeding the planet’s ability to renew.  

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright predated the Climate Change movement in his philosophy for organic architecture some seven decades ago.  

Yet, most architects and designers have only been looking at ways to reduce carbon emissions since global warming became a ‘thing’ in 1988, while Climate Change reports emerged in 2009, and posed the questions asking for solutions. 


The Solutions Lay in the Hands of Architects 

Making smart, sustainable choices is the responsibility of today’s architect. 

Considering the construction materials and their transport overall will contribute to carbon emissions. So, utilising lightweight, eco-friendly materials is common-sense in design concepts.  

Waste disposal and biodegradation is also a factor. Therefore, clever uses of materials that are tough, waterproof and warp-proof, yet won’t pollute landfill is also a consideration. 

The modern architect has a plethora of sustainable, energy-efficient, compliant building materials to lay their hands on. This array of products includes pre-finished cement fibre cladding solutions. 

Fairview’s CeramaPANEL through-coloured compressed fibre cement (CFC) solution is a ventilated façade system consisting of two layers separated by an air cavity, which prevents rainwater from penetrating and diffuses water vapour from the inside – allowing the building envelope to breathe; assisting in thermal activity and providing more energy efficiency. 

Environmentally conscious architects and designers strive to provide healthier environments for their clients, which not only reduce the nasties in production and installation, but they also assist in enhancing positive living experiences as well. CeramaPANEL can achieve these objectives. 

The cement cellulose structure of CeramaPANEL is manufactured easily with a low emissions output. The prefinished product offers the inclusion of accessories to simplify the installation process, rather than having to be sent back to be sized, which is a major bonus for green-thinking architects. 

If only Frank Lloyd Wright had access to CeramaPANEL CFC cladding solutions. 


Natural Beauty – CeramaPANEL Fulfils Biophilic Design Objectives 

Manufactured in Europe, CeramaPANEL compressed fibre cement is a cellulose material inspired by natural rock and earth formations that replicates the sense of organic materials. 

Offering multiple options for colour, shading and texture, CeramaPANEL can be supplied in earthy tones and cast against surfaces to create moulded organic textures, such as timber boards and plant forms, to create more harmonious environments. 

The collection is made from natural, through-coloured materials, which offer sophisticated shades that are appropriate for countless design palettes in classic and contemporary applications. 

The beauty of the through-coloured fibre cement cladding is that each panel has its own variations via the cement composite material delivered during the manufacturing process. 

CeramaPANEL encourages creative flair, allowing any installer and builder to deliver the architect’s design intent, no matter how raw or bespoke. 


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