5 Reasons to Choose a Custom Colour

Custom Colours Facade Cladding

At Fairview one of our main jobs is helping our customers find the right colour to give their project that extra umph. We understand this and have an extensive range of standard finishes and have also been known to customise colours to the all-important corporate branding colours, as well as everything from colour matching to a clients’ helicopter or their car.

For the Swanston Square project in Melbourne we supplied 18 custom colours to create the topograph pattern on the facade.

As colour is such a powerful element for visual communication, we’ve put together five reasons why colour choice is so important to a building’s exterior finish.

1. Visual Search

Colour coding is a great way to convey information quickly and assist with visual search. Visual searching enables people to scan the environment to find a specific location and colour can make the visual search faster and easier.

2. Enhanced Meaning

Our brains are programmed to find meaning, whether they are trying to or not. As our eyes are attracted to bright and high-contrast colours, we tend to derive meaning from something that stands out. When you use colour for emphasis, it can be like shouting that your building has great value.

3. For Symbolism

Colour can elicit both cultural and psychological associations that are symbolic of ideas, concepts and feelings. Yellow is often seen as the colour of sunshine, hope, and happiness whereas grey is formal, conservative, sophisticated and timeless. In addition, blue is often associated with strength and optimism in Western cultures.

4. Establishing Identity

In the world of corporate marketing and advertising, brand identity is the visual essence of most businesses and visual identify is often highly correlated with colour.

5. Indication of relationships

One of the first things we do when looking at a graphic is to group similar items, colour being one of the most powerful.