Elevate Your Brand Identity: Colour Matched Cladding Panels for Custom Facades

Leveraging your building’s façade is an opportunity to showcase the personality, identity, values and iconic nature of your business or brand. Ensuring your building reflects your brand identity not only creates another visual touchpoint but contributes to building awareness and the equity of your brand.

71% of customers state they are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand they recognise.* Brands such as McDonald’s have enjoyed decades of popularity, with every building in their chain immediately recognisable due to the consistent branding of colours, style and design, helping them to stand out over other chains.

By creating a recognisable front through a custom façade, new and existing customers can immediately identify with your brand, creating a stronger connection with the business and staying top of mind long term.

Choosing the right cladding panels to represent your brand

Personalising your façade is a decision that factors in every aspect of your building envelope design. Choosing the material of your façade cladding is a crucial starting point, for setting the tone you wish to convey. Natural materials such as pre-finished fibre cement can suggest an earthy, environmentally friendly business, while metallic panels such as aluminium or engineered aluminium suggest modernity, a contemporary company abreast of current technology. These types of materials typically feature a variety of standard colours to choose from, so a simple customisation option is to choose stock colours that suit your brand identity and purpose.


Natural façade design with fibre cement cladding

For a façade that speaks to the natural elements of your brand, fibre cement cladding offers classic natural textures with a range of colours. With hues ranging from muted charcoals to vibrant oranges and blues, fibre cement allows a brand to combine its well-known colours and designs with an earthy texture. Fairview’s Genesis prefinished fibre cement panels feature a variety of colours to suit brand requirements, with a long-life expectancy exceeding 50 years. Custom colours are also available for the Classic and Infuse ranges, for an extra level of personalisation.


Custom Clad in Metal: Aluminium Cladding Panels

For a more contemporary cladding option, aluminium offers sleek, prefinished cladding with a variety of finish options. From anodised and metallic looks to natural looking woodgrains, aluminium cladding panels can be utilised to resemble just about any style or aesthetic. Finished in a highly durable PVDF paint system, Fairview’s Vitracore G2 and Vitradual aluminium panels provide two façade options with a variety of finishes to suit the brand’s design needs. Choosing the right finish - or combination of finishes with different panels - can achieve an infinite range of design possibilities which can also be colour matched to your brand.


Custom Decorative Panels for a Unique Brand Experience

For businesses wishing to take their branded façades a step further, custom-finished cladding panels can truly capture the unique essence of a company’s customer experience. Custom colours and designs can help build the character and personality of a brand into a building’s façade. Not only by creating a recognisable landmark, but to assist in delivering a certain experience for the customer by conveying a particular look and feel that is unique to the brand.


Unique Finishes, Custom Cladding

Fairview has provided a variety of custom cladding solutions for Australian and International brands. The NEXTDC Data Centre in Sydney features poppy red, silver and metallic black panels, colours chosen from the Vitradual range to match their brand, bringing a visual focus to the personality of the computer support and services centre.

NEXTDC Sydney Cladding

On an even larger scale, Melbourne’s Australia 108 Building features a custom anodised finish, created in collaboration with Lorin Anodizing to replicate the beloved gold of the local Southbank sunset. Both these projects highlight how façade colours and finishes can create not only the embodiment of a brand, but the spirit of that brand and what it represents to passersby.


Australia 108 Cladding 

Fairview Corporate Partnership: Unlocking the Future of Your Façade

Having a building reflective of your brand is paramount to creating brand recognition. Fairview works with national brands to design custom façades to help ensure that all current and future developments are consistent with their brand identity.

Our Corporate Partnership manager will work with you to determine the requirements for your brand. They will help you choose from our extensive range of pre-existing façade materials, colours and finishes, or develop custom colours and finishes to match your brand identity requirements.

Create a personalised façade and cement your brand identity.

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* https://www.globalbankingandfinance.com/71-of-consumers-more-likely-to-buy-a-product-or-service-from-a-name-they-recognise/