Aluminium Cladding and the Benefits

Aluminium Cladding Facade

When Architects and Builders specify a cladding product, they frequently turn to traditional, well-loved cladding types, including timber, brick and metal composites. Aluminium cladding has risen in popularity and stands out among other traditional cladding types for its many functional and aesthetic benefits. A lightweight and strong metal with many different colour, texture, style and finish options, aluminium cladding delivers for a long-lasting façade that meets the design brief with aesthetics and compliance. Read on to find out more about the different aluminium cladding benefits, and why it is a suitable choice for exterior wall cladding for new builds and cladding rectification projects 

What is Aluminium Cladding and what are the Benefits? 

Aluminium cladding is made from either solid aluminium panels, aluminium composite panels featuring a mineral or profiled core, or solid extruded boards, with different systems available for specific projects and applications. 

Strength, durability and machinability are hallmark benefits of aluminium cladding that make fabrication and installation significantly easier. Featuring PVDF coating, known for its superior quality, extensive colour range and design integrity, aluminium cladding products like Fairview’s Vitradual offers a whole host of colour, texture, finish and design options. 


Why Aluminium is a Good Choice for Cladding 

Providing optimal performance in all conditions, aluminium cladding is being embraced for projects across Australia. Aluminium cladding panels offer advantages over other traditional materials, making ambitious designs easier to achieve and the installation process seamless.  

Strong and Lightweight 

Lightweight and durable, Fairview’s Vitracore G2, bonded aluminium cladding benefits buildings by adding to their lifespan by its resistance to extreme conditions and other challenges posed by harsh environmental conditions. Aluminium is hardwearing, withstanding scratches, impact from abrasives and aggressive weather conditions. With a quality finish, the façade will not be affected by termites or rot. 


Unlike timber and other materials, aluminium does not absorb moisture – this makes it effective against wet or coastal conditions when used as part of  a rainscreen façade system. Popular installation systems for aluminium and aluminium composite cladding, such as cassette systems, can enhance protection against water damage, contributing to the building’s passive removal of water by promoting drainage off the façade. 

Easy Installation 

Aluminium is a versatile material that can be manipulated to suit different design needs. With flexibility and excellent structural integrity, it can be curved, folded or bent into different shapes without damaging the metal or coating, and can be cut to desired sizes or shapes for visual effect. Unlike many other metals such as steel, aluminium is a more lightweight option, and can be easily lifted and held in place during the install without issue. 

Fire Safe 

As a non-combustible material, aluminium is safe for use even on large scale residential and commercial buildings.  Solid aluminium panels and extrusions, along with bonded aluminium panels do not contain the combustible polyethylene elements of traditional aluminium composite panels (ACPS’s) – thus are safe for projects where non-combustibility is essential.


Benefits of Exterior Aluminium Cladding

Aluminium cladding is an ideal choice for external building envelopes, owing to its durability and near-limitless colour range. Combining longevity and aesthetics, it can withstand exposure to the elements and deliver a stunning façade that will last well into the future. 

UV Resistant 

Aluminium cladding often comes pre-finished, with a range of quality finishes available so designers can create a pleasing, long-lasting façade aesthetic. UV-resistant finishes for cladding, such as resin-based coatings, offer superior colour integrity and can last for years even in direct exposure to sunlight. 

Quality and 3D Texture 

Different textures can be achieved using aluminium cladding to create a pleasing aesthetic. Woodgrain finishes, brushed and anodized finishes can create 3D effects for added layering and visual interest.  

Can be Custom Painted  

Aluminium cladding offers an unlimited colour range, with coloured, metallic and even special effect finishes available. Panels can be custom painted or finished to achieve the ideal colour for every design brief.  


Considering Aluminium Cladding?

Try Vitradual 

Vitradual is the solid aluminium cassette cladding system from Fairview. A durable, non-combustible, versatile cladding panel, Vitradual is suitable for exterior and high-traffic interior design applications. Boasting high impact resistance, Vitradual can be fabricated, curved, rolled or perforated to achieve different looks and styles. For easy installation, Vitradual features a cassette-style fixing system, similar to the popular systems used for traditional Aluminum Composite Panels. 

Vitradual is pre-finished in a resin-based PVDF coating system – Kynar 500® (*Kynar 500® is a registered trademark belonging to Arkema Inc.). This system, which is also used on Fairview’s leading bonded aluminum cladding panel  Vitracore G2, offers superior durability and UV resistance. Available in many finish options, from solid and metallic colours to special effects such as stone, timber and corten looks, both Vitradual and Vitracore G2 allows an array of ambitious façade designs to be realised. 

Vitradual has been used to enhance several large-scale façade projects across Australia, including: 


Australian Technology Park 

An innovative new commercial building in Eveleigh, NSW, the Australian Technology Park features stunning Vitradual cladding in shades of red, charcoal and bronze, exuding style and innovation. 

Solid Aluminium Cladding Facade

Victoria Police Headquarters 

The iconic new Victoria Police Headquarters houses 5,000 Melbourne staff and features over 1,000 square metres of Vitradual aluminium cladding in a Hail Zinc coloured finish. 

Solid Aluminium Cladding Facade

New Life Bondi Junction 

The metallic Vitradual panels used on this residential project bring space-age luxury to Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. The aluminium cladding shines bright on the building façade, acting as a beacon for sophisticated city living. 

Solid Aluminium Cladding Facade

St Vincent’s Private Hospital 

When St Vincent’s Private Hospital was redeveloped, the façade was designed to showcase innovation, quality and reliability. Vitradual aluminium cladding finished in white, beige and a range of eye-catching metallic colours, gives visitors the desired impression of an innovative new medical facility. 

Solid Aluminium Cladding Facade


The numerous benefits of aluminium cladding make it a reliable and desirable choice for all aspects of building design. A long-lasting, non-combustible and weatherproof product, aluminium cladding has solidified itself as the popular choice for all manner of building projects. 

With an extensive colour range, Vitradual is athe highly durable and versatile aluminium cladding system that can help specifiers achieve any design safely, efficiently and creatively. 

Download our eBook or talk to the Fairview team to discover how Vitradual can be customised to suit your next project.