Fairview Architectural Refutes Misinformation


Following a series of current company and industry challenges, Fairview Architectural Pty Ltd Directors made the regrettable decision to initiate a voluntary administration of the business.

With expert administrators' Grant Thornton input, a process to ensure Fairview’s business will continue to survive is actively being pursued.

More regrettably, misinformation about the challenges the company faces - and about our people - are being marketed. They should be corrected.

- THIS IS NOT A LIQUIDATION: This is an external administration that, by definition, can hopefully restore full trading capability.

- PRODUCT SURETY IS NOT AFFECTED: Stockholding of facade products and systems is second-to-none in Australia.

- 52 STAFF ARE WORKING HARD in the face of a real restructure and unreal gossip and slander that undermines those very jobs.

- It's BUSINESS-AS-USUAL, while the administrators work towards a funded resolution that can be secured for staff and stakeholders.

For all media enquiries, please email media@fv.com.au