Can Gold Coloured Facades Predict the State of the Economy?

If facades could predict the state of Australia’s economy then we would be predicting that things are looking bright at the moment, in fact you could say they are golden. And by golden we mean literally the colour gold.

So, what is the data to back up this theory? It’s pretty simple: architects are specifying more gold façade panels than ever before. Over the last few months we have seen “Gold Metallic” ranking as the No.1 façade colour of choice.

So, why is gold so popular? Well, if you want your design to convey; extravagance, wealth and riches then gold is the perfect colour choice.  As a precious metal it also signifies wealth, grandeur, and prosperity.  All that in just one colour!

We first noticed this trend when we supplied over 3,000m2 of “Gold Metallic” to Infinity for use on the Parkroyal Hotel, Parramatta extension earlier this year (see case study for more information).  Since then we have seen the popularity of this colour grow.

With over 30 year’s experience in the industry, we’ve not seen a gold rush like this before and, although we are not economic experts, we’ll stand by our prediction that this could be a good sign for the economy, or at the least, a reflection of the growth rate we are seeing here at Fairview!