Selecting the right DtS Aluminium Cladding

As part of our continuous work with various industry bodies to address the issue of facade compliancy; specific to combustible facades, we have developed a generalised guide to assist those within our industry, in selecting the right DtS Aluminium Cladding for their projects.

The flyer also looks to provide information regarding the wall and the attachment; whereby the use of certain DtS, BCA compliant non-combustible cladding (such as Vitracore G2, Vitradual or Solid Aluminium), enables Architects and Builders the ability to eliminate secondary non-combustible layers; providing the ability to save $50-100/m2.

It's this simple_Selecting the right DtS Aluminium Cladding
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Whilst this guide is based on comprehensive product testing and expert advice, it is general in nature and should only be used as a guide. It should not be used to determine project specific compliance with the BCA.
Fire test reports, CodeMark certificates and detailed fire engineering reports are available on request. To this end, Fairview accepts no liability.