5 advantages of using imitation woodgrain on your façade

We can often predict an architectural trend based on an increase of orders for a particular colour or finish. At the moment, the trend is towards woodgrain finishes.

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Why are we seeing this increased interest in decorative woodgrain cladding? I asked one of our sales team, Jonathan Baker, to give the top 5 advantages of using imitation woodgrain finishes:

1. Unlike natural wood, imitation woodgrains are low maintenance and require no additional coating.

2. They provide a more stable material than solid wood, that will not age or warp.

3. They are a cost-effective solution that enables you to get the appearance of natural wood without the cost involved in sourcing a natural timber.

4. There is an extensive range of colours and styles available. This provides almost endless opportunities for architects when creating their designs.

5. While most natural timbers do not have fire-retardant capabilities, imitation woodgrains can be used with Vitracore G2 providing an AS1530.1-certified material.

The woodgrain finish “American Pine” was recently installed in a unique pattern for the $50 million Aspley Hypermarket shopping centre. Designed by architects ThomsonAdsett, the finish was chosen with our Vitracore G2 and Vitrabond FR composite panels to provide a compliant option that would not fade, warp or require extensive maintenance.

This solution was also used for an apartment tower in Sydney recently. The brief from the architect was to provide a timber balcony surround that wouldn’t weather or require continual maintenance. The answer was a woodgrain finish on Vitrabond FR panels that had the ability to wrap over and around the balcony.

If you are considering using woodgrain for your next project, take a look at the full range of finishes we have available in our Woodcreate Finishes Colour Chart. Alternatively, if you would like to request a sample, please contact: helpdesk@fairview.local.