Northpoint Tower Refurbishment

Northpoint Tower, centrally located in North Sydney CBD has been overhauled, with the redevelopment project including a newly-constructed hotel and a complete reclad of the façade using Vitracore G2.

Built in 1975, the fascia of Northpoint Tower was beginning to raise safety concerns for visitors with the pebblecrete showing signs of spalling and degradation of the river gravel façade.

The building owners' plan to reinvigorate the North Sydney retail and leisure offering required the iconic 44 level mixed use building to be transformed inside and out at a project value of $15,000,000.

Blog 9 Northpoint Tower Compliance

The pebblecrete that showed signs of corrosion and delamination were removed from the façade, and were replaced with 22,000m2 of Vitracore G2 in Silver Ice Metallic and Asteroid Pearl Metallic.

Our leading DtS, deemed non-combustible aluminium cladding panel, tested to AS1530.1 in accordance with the BCA, added safety, durability, longevity and a modern look and feel to the development.

For those who are navigating their way through the issue of recladding due to use of non-compliant or aging façade products, the team at Fairview are dedicated to providing a start-to-finish solution for all recladding projects.

To find out more about using Vitracore G2 for recladding purposes, or to see how we may help with your over clad requirements, visit or contact our team via helpdesk@fairview.local or 1800 007 175.