Fairview’s Commitment to Warehouse Safety


Construction and Manufacturing workers are listed within the top 5 most-deadliest jobs in Australia.  

Fairview’s ability to distribute high quality façade cladding across the nation is greatly dependent upon our warehouse staff. These members of our teamwork within the warehouse to manage, organise and disseminate cladding in an efficient manner. Often at times, these workers are operating under strict deadlines to ensure our customers receive their order in a timely manner.  

We pride ourselves on quick delivery times, but also on the health and safety of our staff who are facilitating this efficiency. This approach to safety reflects Fairview’s culture and recognition of staff as a critical asset to success. 

The theme of the 2021 National Safe Work Month is, “Think safe, work safe, be safe”. 

Think safe—is the first step to thinking about work health and safety, which covers the planning and forethought that employers must do to identify risks and maintain healthy and safe workplaces. 

Work safe—is about implementing work health and safety measures to manage risks including the practical steps you can take to reduce risk and avoid workplace incidents. 

Be safe—considers the ongoing process of managing and monitoring work health and safety risks – it is not a one off. 


“Being healthy and safe means being free from physical and psychological harm. No job should be unsafe, and no death or injury is acceptable. A safe and healthy workplace benefits everyone.”

Safe Work Australia  


Building a healthy and safe work environment can protect staff safety and lives. Fairview has recently installed new signage throughout the warehouse, displaying safety as our number one priority. Fairview’s prioritising of safety is a commitment across all levels and departments of the organisation,  not just for the staff situated full time in the warehouse.  

FVA Group and its Safety Officers recognise that the health and safety of all workers and visitors is of the utmost importance, and vital to the success of our business.  

Brock Barry, Head of Fairview's Safety Committee says:

“We aim to continuously improve health and safety in the workplace through consultation and increased health and safety awareness of all staff”.

“We all play a crucial role in ensuring that Fairview is a safe and healthy place of work”. 

Safe Work at Fairview