AS5113 - Amendment One

With the release of the 2019 National Construction Code fast approaching, Standards Australia recently completed a review of the AS5113 full scale façade test prior to its inclusion in the National Construction Code. Significantly, no evaluation criteria have been altered (including debris) and it was confirmed that deemed-to-satisfy products are not required to be tested to this standard.

Standards Australia have done an excellent job in maintaining and upholding the performance requirements of the AS5113 standard. By using one of the world’s most rigorous testing standards, the Australian Government is demonstrating their commitment to ensuring the safety of their citizens. Fairview fully supports the full scale AS5113 testing of all façade products and congratulates Standards Australia on its review of AS5113.

It is critical that building products be designed and manufactured to standards, rather than standards being weakened to accommodate potentially unsafe products, however traditional their use may be.